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Kalmah - Swampsong review


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Band: Kalmah
Album: Swampsong
Release date: July 2003

01. Heroes To Us
02. Burbot's Revenge
03. Cloned Insanity
04. The Third, The Magical
05. Bird Of Ill Omen
06. Doubtful About it All
07. Tordah
08. Man With Mystery
09. Moon Of My Nights
10. Suodeth [bonus]

When years ago Children Of Bodom began to gain acceptance and fame among the metal community, similar bands instantly appeared In the scene like Norther and Kalmah, these 2 bands were labeled as CoB clones since then, and it is a label that is very hard to live on. But gladly these 2 bands managed to find their own sound and took away the accusations of some critics, that they were copycatting CoB.

Now, years after, Kalmah presents their third album Swampsong so, what does Kalmah have in store for us? Incredibly catchy and heavy riff-based masterpiece, yes my friends, this album is riff-after-riff of pure headbanging madness!

From The opener 'Heroes To Us' you can enjoy marvelous riffs, creative songwriting, and crushing melodies. This is the new Kalmah, and I must say is good! I sense a lot of trash influences here, in most of the songs. 'Cloned Insanity' has a impressive and catchy guitar line that sticks in your head forever!

After the thick layer of trashy riffs is an excellent keyboard work, that gives a lot of atmosphere to the music, the approach of the keyboards is different this time, it mainly haunts in the background of the songs, which I think enriches the whole "I'm-from-the-swamp" vibe of the band.

'Doubtful About It All' features good harmony between keyboards and guitars, 'Tordah' has some classic Heavy Metal influences and 'Man With Mystery' is more reminiscent of past works of the band.

Kalmah has finally found his sound with this third work, a riff-laden metal attack with haunting keyboards background, and harmony between the rest of the instruments. This work surpasses anything that Kalmah has done in the past, and I recommend it to everyone, so wait for your country release date and get this one immediately.

Written by Undercraft | 18.09.2003



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06.12.2006 - 19:14
Account deleted
Good review, but you seem to imply that Kalmah's earlier works are merely Children Of Bodom clones - I think Kalmah always had a unique sound. I see very little resemblence between Kalmah and Children Of Bodom.
06.01.2007 - 18:11
Account deleted
I just discovered this band about a year ago, and this is the first album I heard by them. For anyone who likes bands like Children of Bodom, Norther, Blood Stain Child, Witchery, etc, you must hear this album. It is amazing.

My Favorties on Swampsong:
-Heroes To Us
-Cloned Insanity
-Bird of Ill Omen
02.04.2007 - 20:33
Danny Thomas
this is either ym favorite or tied for favorite with swamplord. and i agree with sidragasum, i don't really see much resemblence to children of bodom, they do have their own sound. this album is always in my rotation, and never gets old to me. my favorite would probably be the third, the magical. 9.4 imo
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04.04.2007 - 18:39
Man, I love this album todah is the catchiest song on this album and always gets me jumpy!
05.11.2007 - 06:23
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
A little overrated, its ok, does have some catchy tunes. I dont get why they keep getting compared to CoB though.
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10.12.2007 - 01:20
I like your review, just like you, I believe that this is Kalmah greatest album. Also I kind of see some similarities with Cob... but seriously, I have to say that I like Kalmah a lot more than Cob and that they are really two unique bands.
Nothing less than a Metal God
09.04.2008 - 17:21
Liver Failure
its a good album, that makes me consider Kalmah a NOT BAD band. Cuz when it comes to melodic death metal, there is a large list of bands better than kalmah.. i never understand whats the big deal about this band.

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28.09.2016 - 19:46
Bad English
Maybe it wont make sence but this band comes from Oulu that's what indifference between Wirman band and CoB but same time band over wrote them selfs, but did all bands in this genre same? YES
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