Hatecraft - Lost Consolation review

Band: Hatecraft
Album: Lost Consolation
Release date: November 2005

01. Lose Your Mind
02. The Punisher
03. Demon Of Mine
04. Generation Of Obscenities
05. Fear Of Life & Terror Of Death
06. Sad Short Story
07. Don't Leave Me Apart
08. Lost Consolation
09. Nothing
10. New Day

An improvement that's for sure…

Hatecraft returns to Metal Storm, I remember reviewing their first album "Finally Free" it was a nice average melodic Death Metal album, nothing really special, but not a bad album at all (although it rarely gets listened in my stereo).

My main inconvenience with the band was the lack of innovation, everything these guys did on their debut album was already done by dozens of bands. I think they read my review because this new album throws a lot of new ideas to the bowl, and I find this refreshing in every aspect.

First of all, the vocals, they've improved a lot, I don't find them annoying anymore, and even the casual clean vocal sounds good, just listen the opener track "Lose Your Mind" a perfect combination of Melodic Death Metal with clean vocals. Another new feature of the band is the use of electronica in their songs, and yes, I know this is nothing new in the Metal scene, but surely adds some depth to the band, just listen the background on "The Punisher". Some Progressive elements are present also, like the song "Fear Of Life & Terror Of Death"

Let's recap, these guys didn't invented the wheel, that's for sure, but at least they didn't copy it. Hatecraft shows improvement in their song-writing skills, creating songs that sound a lot much fresher than the ones in their previous album.

My only advice would be to look up the visual part, the new logo and front cover are quite poor in my opinion, a matter of tastes maybe, but I can assure that I like more the booklet photos than the cover art.

If they keep this progression I can assure you that their next album is going to rock!

Written by Undercraft | 15.02.2006


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