Sepultura - Beneath The Remains review


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Band: Sepultura
Album: Beneath The Remains
Release date: September 1989

01. Beneath The Remains
02. Inner Self
03. Stronger Than Hate
04. Mass Hypnosis
05. Sarcastic Existence
06. Slaves Of Pain
07. Lobotomy
08. Hungry
09. Primitive Future
10. A Hora E A Vez Do Cabelo Nascer [Mutantes cover] [Remaster bonus]
11. Inner Self [drum tracks] [Remaster bonus]
12. Mass Hypnosis [drum tracks] [Remaster bonus]

Mid and late '80s were the best times for thrash metal. Most of bands like Slayer, Metallica or Megadeth recorded their best albums then. It was golden times for thrash metal. Among the best there was a Brazilian band called: Sepultura (which means: grave). One of the most important thrash bands.

All Sepultura's album from "Schizophrenia" to "Chaos A.D." are great. They play great, fast and brutal although simple music. Max Cavalera was great as leader of the group. He influenced the rest of the band to do their best. "Beneath The Remains" is their second fastest album after "Arise". It feels like travelling at the speed of light. Whole album is filled with simple but already classical riffs (just look at "Inner Self" and "Mass Hypnosis").

"Beneath The Remains" contains one of the fastest and most powerful drums ever. From 1989 until 1991 Igor Cavalera was at his best. He could play more than two hours without a rest. Every single track is filled with brutal drumming. All drummers should take example of Igor. If you want to be sure that what is written here is truth you should listen to "Inner Self" and "Mass Hypnosis" probably two best Sepultura tracks ever.

And now something about vocal and lyrics... Max's voice is very well known. It is really rough. He sings really fast although lyrics stay very clear. Sepultura lyrics are one of the best that I have heard. Max isn't singing any stupid stuff about Satan or hell. Sepultura boys have grown up in poverty of Brazilian ghettos. So songs are about the lies, poorness etc. They also rise against politicians that steal from the poorest. Lyrics are also about youth revolt. Max want to be himself and nobody else (once again "Inner Self").

Summing everything up: BtR is a great album! If you are a thrash fan you know it already. If you don't like thrash you won't like it because it is pure and classical thrash. I think that it isn't also a good way to get into thrash. For me it's the best Sepultura album and a "must have" for every thrash fan.

Written by tomeku | 04.03.2004


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30.03.2008 - 00:57
Liver Failure
One of the best album's ive ever heard. The best of Sepultura ''non-tribal'' era along with Schizophrenia. Beneath the Remains is a thrash classic, and should never be forgotten. 9,6/10
Best track: Beneath the remais, Innerself and Primitive future.

member of the true crusade against old school heavy metal, early 80s thrash, NWOBHM, traditional doom, first and second wave black metal, old school death metal, US power metal, 70s prog rock and atmospheric doomsludgestoner. o/
05.04.2008 - 15:29
Dark-Member Alex
Account deleted
one of the best thrash metal album ever if not the best
11.02.2009 - 15:12
A bit better than Arise (except the production), this one is a blasting THRASH metal album! 8,5 is a low rating...
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01.03.2009 - 15:59
Amazing album!!!True,one of the best Thrash albums ever.I like the solos,Andreass did excelent guitar and Igor did amazing drums on this one.10 from me!!!!
Will the ones who live after our end
Worship the goddamn cross again?
18.07.2009 - 15:44
In Bone Factory
Collection of marvelous riffs.drums, solos, vocal, lyrics and even bass which is almost be served by music are great.
I fucked my neck by the song: "Innerself" about 6 years ago.
a hammerhead goobrian
22.09.2010 - 20:41
Account deleted
Written by Deadmeat on 11.02.2009 at 15:12

A bit better than Arise (except the production), this one is a blasting THRASH metal album! 8,5 is a low rating...

actually 8.5 is a very good rating - it means the album is somewhere between "very good" and "brilliant". I for one could not agree more.
05.11.2010 - 13:57
In terms of overall song quality and memorability this piece beats Reign In Blood
12.12.2011 - 02:10
Account deleted
I think this is the best record Sepultura ever put out! The sound is absolutely superb and unique.

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