Tad Morose - Modus Vivendi review


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Band: Tad Morose
Album: Modus Vivendi
Release date: November 2003

01. Anubis
02. No Mercy
03. Afraid To Die
04. Clearly Insane
05. Cyberdome
06. Take On The World
07. Mother Shipton's Words
08. Unwelcome Guest
09. Life In A Lonely Grave
10. When The Spirit Rules The World
11. Rainbow Demon [Uriah Heep cover] [US bonus]
12. Knowing Me, Knowing You [ABBA cover] [US bonus]
13. Losing More Than You Ever Had [Accept cover] [US bonus]

US Power Metal.

Century Media.

A good thing to do, before you do a review, is to listen do the band, in question, past releases, to see the progress they have done.
But unfortunately, I don't have anything with Tad Morose before this release.
Sure, I have heard them before, but I have never own an album with them, but that is going to change now, after I heard their forthcoming release, "Modus Vivendi".
One thing that I know about Tad Morose is that they are one of the bands that Black Mark almost broke (together with Lake of Tears). But Tad Morose manages to break up with Black Mark in 1997 and 3 years later, their first release on Century Media was a fact.

So now have the time come for their third release on Century Media, and what a great one ladies and gentlemen.
Even if I always liked Power Metal I always had difficulties with the US based Power bands, don´t ask my why, 'cause I don't know.
But Tad Morose - Modus Vivendi have change that fact, this is a really great release, even for you that's not really in to Power Metal.
A big different between usual Power Metal and the US Power is the heaviness, more against the Heavy Metal and Tad Morose does a really great job there.
And the riffs are killing me slowly. Jesus, (Oops, I'm atheist) this is good.

And the fact that Tad Morose hails from Sweden is even better (From the town called Bollnas, not to far away from me). There are a lot of Power bands in Sweden, but US Power isn't that usual.

"Tad Morose is one of few bands who will never betray their stylistic roots but who rather choose to progress as musicians."

So it stands on the back of my Promo, and what Metal fan wouldn't agree with that?
I mean, you want your favorite band to deliver you a release of that kind of music you like, but not that same over and over again, you want something new but in the same area.
As I said earlier, I haven't heard the past releases of Tad Morose but I can imagine that they are in the same area but different.

This release gives us 10 new songs, and the good thing here, there are NO fillers, at least I can's find any. This is a really solid album.
And Urban Breed does a great job behind the microphone.
Production is great, but what else can it be with Fredrik Nordstrom (Dream Evil, In Flames, Dimmu Borgir) as producer and when the recordings are done in the famous Studio Fredman!

Killing Songs: All, but these four are the ones that haven't left my mind, "No Mercy", "Afraid to Die", "Cyberdome" and "Life in a Lonely Grave".

Written by Malcolm | 06.11.2003


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