Arch Enemy - Wages Of Sin
25 April 2001

Disc I
01. Enemy Within
02. Burning Angel
03. Heart Of Darkness
04. Ravenous
05. Savage Messiah
06. Dead Bury Their Dead
07. Web Of Lies
08. The First Deadly Sin
09. Behind The Smile
10. Snow Bound
11. Shadows And Dust
12. Lament Of A Mortal Soul [bonus]

Disc II [bonus]
01. Starbreaker [Judas Priest cover]
02. Aces High [Iron Maiden cover]
03. Scream Of Anger [Europe cover]
04. Diva Satanica
05. Fields Of Desolation '99
06. Damnation's Way
07. Hydra

The good surprise of 2002, after a delay of two years [it was released in Japan two years earlier...] the new Arch Enemy has finally arrived in Europe. This new album introduces an important change with the departure of Johan Liiva, the first singer, and the arrival of Angela Gossow to replace him. The first time that I heard them, I immediately asked myself if that was really a girl who was singing and also what she could look like? And yes, to my surprise it was a girl really, and a pretty one... With this change, one could wonder whether or not Arch Enemy would lose intensity, for it is true that girls with a death metal voice are not legion in metal and therefore quite unknown... But on the contrary, Angela knew how to bring all her strength in her song and the new songs of Arch Enemy don't suffer from the comparison with the olds tracks.

This new CD is a total success on all points. The quality of the production is good, the tracks are simply excellent and the musicians are simply brilliant. The Amott brothers who play guitars are certainly among the best guitarists of today's metal scene. No problems with the bass guitar and the drums where Sharlee D'Angelo and Daniel Erlandsson give the best of themselves. Pure happiness...

With Wages Of Sin, Arch Enemy delivers to us one of the best albums of the year 2002 and proves us by the same opportunity that girls are not relegated to only sing in atmospheric and gothic Metal. Arch Enemy stands today among the leaders of the melodic death metal scene and we are waiting the following of this little masterpiece. Maybe you have a question? If this CD is so good, why a rating of nine and not ten? The answer is very simple I hope that I will be able to give a ten to their next album...

Band profile: Arch Enemy
Album: Wages Of Sin


written by Jeff | 26.08.2003


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In_tallica - 07.06.2006 at 16:44  
one of the best gothenburg albums i there is, gotta love it.....
the best song is defenatly ravenous! burning angel and enemy within is awesome...
Lucas - 08.06.2006 at 15:48  
How much do I agree with you. Good review.
Remus - 08.06.2006 at 22:41  
"Dead bury their Dead" is awsome and the double bass is pretty cool at the end of "The first deadly sin". Also the guitar-doublebass synchronisation in "Lament of a mortal soul" is impressive! Killer album!!!
Stigmatized - 09.06.2006 at 23:48  
Best album with Angela. I prefer Black Earth and Stigmata though.....
ThunderAxe1989 - 12.06.2006 at 18:32  
Killer! Man when i purchased that album in 2003 (i was 14 at the time), it never left my walkman (i don't think ipods were around back then lol)! Man what a kick ass album! i still think it's their best to date! Wow.
bangladesh - 19.06.2006 at 00:26  
It´s realy the best album of Angela, I don´t know Archenemy in that time but i think that the diference between Burning Bridges and this one is not so mutch to disapoit fans, it´s worst than BB but it´s great too....your 9 is ok but not for that reason
TimmyPix - 09.07.2006 at 22:40  
Ravenous, Enemy Within and Burning Angel are truly brilliant songs. I wouldn't say best with Angela, I'd say it's joint best with Doomsday Machine
Fane - 30.07.2006 at 12:42  
This album is fucking awesome! Better one that Doomsday Machine. Best albums ever. Here can see how talented this band is.
Best songs are Enemy Within, Ravenous and Heart of Darkness.

Arch Enemy Rules!
Baz Anderson - 09.09.2006 at 01:07  
yeh, this is probably the best Arch Enemy album
i havent listened to them in AAAAGES though!! i guess it just isnt my thing any more although i am sure i would still enjoy it now

their cover of 'Starbreaker' sounds almost nothing like the original. haha its so strange
Lucas - 09.09.2006 at 14:50  
I agree with Baz. I haven;t listened to it in months.. for some reason, I am bored of it. But still think it's a good album..
ElCon - 21.02.2007 at 21:48  
Song "Burning angel" starts with same riff as Hangar 18 from Megadeth. Did you notice it ? And then - another riff from Metallica song !
Sunioj - 21.02.2007 at 22:49  
Written by Guest on 21.02.2007 at 21:48

Song "Burning angel" starts with same riff as Hangar 18 from Megadeth. Did you notice it ? And then - another riff from Metallica song !

You are right, its very similar, but its not exactly the same, what metlallica song?
ElCon - 24.02.2007 at 20:48  
Written by Sunioj on 21.02.2007 at 22:49

Written by Guest on 21.02.2007 at 21:48

Song "Burning angel" starts with same riff as Hangar 18 from Megadeth. Did you notice it ? And then - another riff from Metallica song !

You are right, its very similar, but its not exactly the same, what metlallica song?


hm ... i can hear it in my head ... :-) but i can remember, what song is it. I'll hear it out and 'll report.

heh .. it's Welcome home (Sanitarium) - it's riff 1:26 sec before the song's end. Believe it or not, but it is ... sad but true :-)
Chaosgoat - 05.09.2007 at 09:09  
@ Hellraizer and Elcon: Thats pretty cool that they honored Megadeth and Metallica. Burning Angel is one of my favorite songs from the album. I am surprised that I did not hear those riffs.
metal_shredder - 08.11.2007 at 04:57  
Arch enemy is probably one of the greatest live bands that are out there, I saw them live and they were amazing. I just hope that they come to play at a venue in my area.
BloodTears - 08.11.2007 at 18:53  
Just noticed I didnt post here. Oh well, I guess I said it all before. Arch Enemy is an excellent band and Wages Of Sin shows their power, one of the best moments of their career. I think I over-listened to this album though, I have to give it a rest because I am afraid I'll spoil it. Another thing I like here: lyrics (poetic like never before or after).

Jotun_01 - 20.12.2007 at 15:49  
So far, this is still the best album with Angela. This is my favorate Arch Enemy album next to Burning Bridges.
Uirapuru - 01.03.2008 at 15:54  
well. this is absolutly best Arch enemy album with Angela.. but the first albuns, specially Burning Bridges are the best ones
ThunderAxe1989 - 23.03.2008 at 00:45  
Over a year later and I STILL think that it's their best album to date!
Nicko's Nose - 01.10.2008 at 22:41  
Awesome album!
Deadmeat - 09.04.2009 at 21:44  
Nice album. but there is something missing. i dont know what...
Angelic Storm - 17.12.2013 at 10:38  
^^ The "something missing" is Johan Liiva's vocals I would dare say, but this is still a very fine album, and Angela actually sounds great on it. Johan's unique vocal delivery would have made the album absolutely perfect for me though.

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