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Band: Metallica
Album: Death Magnetic
Release date: September 2008

Disc I [CD]
01. That Was Just Your Life
02. The End Of The Line
03. Broken, Beat & Scarred
04. The Day That Never Comes
05. All Nightmare Long
06. Cyanide
07. The Unforgiven III
08. The Judas Kiss
09. Suicide & Redemption
10. My Apocalypse

Disc II [CD] [Demo Magnetic]
01. Hi Guy
02. Neinteen
03. Black Squirrel
04. Casper
05. Flamingo
06. German Soup
07. UN3
08. Gymbag
09. K2LU
10. Ten

Disc III [DVD] [Making Magnetic]
+ That Was Just Your Life
+ The End Of The Line
+ Broken, Beat & Scarred
+ The Day That Never Comes
+ All Nightmare Long
+ Cyanide
+ The Unforgiven III
+ The Judas Kiss
+ Suicide & Redemption
+ My Apocalypse

Metallica made fans to wait 5 years for a new album,again.The first Wait was between ''Metallica'' and ''Load'',the second was between ''Garage inc.'' and ''St.Anger''. And the last one between ''St.Anger'' and this album:''Death Magnetic''. ''Load'' and ''St.Anger'' were disappointments, is ''Death Magnetic'' another disappointment? Hell no.

''The Day That Never Comes'', the first song with MTV clip from this album was great.Then the cover of the album was great (it gave them a Grammy award): the magnetic grave.

When I first listened the album I was disappointed, i hated the overall sound and the monotony. But taking the album song by song I discovered some really good songs.

With this album Metallica returned to thrash-metal,good times like in the 80's.The songs have in generally over 7 minutes,the shortest is ''My Apocalypse'' with 5 minutes and the longest ''Suicide and redemption'' whit more then 9 minutes.But is not like ''St.Anger'' where the songs were -whit some exceptions- very repetitive and boring,the songs on this album are very complex.

The bass has a pretty bad sound, still ''Death Magnetic'' has some really good riffs.I don't like Lars drumming, it's too linear and to angry when it shouldn't be so angry. Kirk Hammet's guitar sounds amazing,it's the element that sounds the best on this album.Jame's voice sounds good but not very interesting.

On this album we've got another Unforgiven making this a trilogy,''The Unforgiven III'' it's more heavy-metal then the other two.Also ''The day that never comes'' is very similar to ''One'' altough it's more predictable making .''One'' a much better song.''Suicide and redemption'' is the first just instrumental song since ''To live is to die'' and it well be a legend alongside ''Orion''.

Some songs have a doomed perspective (''How Come it's Got So Cold'') where others have a optimistic approach (''We Die Hard''). The death magnetism is present only on ''Cyanide'' and ''My Apocalypse''(a rather Slayer-esque song).

The best songs are in my opinion ''Al Nightmare Long'' and ''Suicide And Redemption''.

''Death Magnetic'', although the production pretty much destroyed it for a louder noise I don't care about that. For me it is only important that Metallica are back again with large and healthy pieces of metal.

Written by BobNickMad | 04.05.2009


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It's always very difficult to analyze what Metallica has created, seems as normal criteria doesn't apply to them, so I might as well just get this off my chest - if „Death Magnetic" wasn't a Metallica album, I would probably rate it pretty darn close to ten stars. However, since I too have the impressive legacy of their previous works to consider, I will not. This of course technically makes me a whore - that's fair, I digest. But numbers and stars aside, do I think this is a good album?

published 12.09.2008 | Comments (143)

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After St. Anger's dismal fallout, Metallica definitely needed to shake their foundations if they were going to retain their fame, fortune and most of all, their following. Luckily, they did, and quite efficiently too, as new album Death Magnetic distinctly restores their credibility.

To help themselves out, they brought in major league producer Rick Rubin (of Slayer, System Of A Down and Johnny Cash fame), who seems to have gauged the perfect balance between the grittier edge of Metallica's classic sound circa And Justice For All and the music they tried (not so successfully) to inject into St Anger.

published 03.01.2010 | Comments (18)

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