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Band: McGalligog
Album: Delusions Of Madness
Release date: May 2010

01. Earthbound Doom
02. Another Fast One
03. Warlords
04. McGalligog
05. Jewel Of 1000 Worlds
06. Lunacy

Thrash metal
Recorded: Komodo Studios, Ireland 2010
Total Running Time: 29:05

Thrash me, I'm Irish.

McGalligog are a young Irish outfit and although this Delusions Of Madness EP is only the band's very first output, it's quite the surprising showcase of potential. The band assesses on the one resource where they have overwhelming superiority: their passion for (all kinds of) metal. An interesting approach? Yes and no. But mostly yes.

Although the thrashy feel takes the overtone, this tasty EP is actually a mishmash of several influences. So no, not every track sounds virtually the same. So no, you can't pinpoint the dominative direction in McGalligog's play - as there are several. So yes, diversity, crossover and entertainment are the strong points of this band. So sure, you should check this out.

With their mid-tempo thrashy grooves, the plenty of downbeat and melodic passages, and the suitably dissonant and remarkably harsh vocals, this band will beyond the shadow of doubt appeal to a wide range of metalheads. Think a thrashier, less melodeath version of such acts like Norther, Kalmah and Arch Enemy. Or, even weirder, a more power/folk* cadenced version of Sodom. Or something close to that. Whatever.

(* folk as in true folk, not the exotic-instrument humppapa crap.)

I could ruin McGalligog's day and go into detail about the average production, the not so refined songwriting and the slightly middle-of-the-road overall impression. Or I could just say that releases like this don't necessarily need such things as a super polished production, a yen for edgy songwriting or a knock-my-socks-off impression to be great FUN albums, and leave it at that. Seeing that Delusions Of Madness scores indeed fairly high on the "thrash and bash" fun meter, I'm just going to leave it at that.

The big plus is that the band's sound doesn't wear off that easily as each song employs distinctively different accents. Still - and this is only the fat spoiled brat speaking - it's all a bit too "light" for me. Gimme more sugar, fat and salt; I really wouldn't mind.

PS: The band's MySpace page contains a rapidshare link to the EP. So get off that lazy ass of yours, download the motherfucker for free, and let me know how right or wrong I am.

Written by Thryce | 08.07.2010



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Might have to give it a flier.
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