Inevitable End - The Oculus review


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Band: Inevitable End
Album: The Oculus
Release date: May 2011

01. Tell Us, Parasites
02. Escaping The Black Hole
03. Zen
04. Dogmaties Paralies
05. The Supreme Treachery
06. The Oculus
07. While Surpassing Ether
08. Of The Well
09. Chamber Of Apathy
10. Memento
11. Me Tem Psy Cho Sis
12. Cadaver Inc.
13. Of Sublime Dimensions

Scrambling, uber-aggressive, grind-ish "mathcore" like this has finally hit it's crossroads that all musical movements have to hit at some point (perhaps this point has already passed, who knows). The point where it's no longer ground-breaking and fresh, bands need to start being a little more innovative with their music in order to stand out. Inevitable End seem to be making great strides in this aspect.

In a way, this step forwards is almost a step backwards. A good chunk of the time, music of this variety seems far too preoccupied with sounding as technical as possible, and seem to forget about coming up with anything resembling actual music. The line is crossed between being as brutal as possible, and being pointless. The Oculus is an excellent display of both that neck-breaking technical madness, and the brutal grooves found in regular ol' death metal & grindcore. Though they still have those moments where every instrument is frantically flying off in all directions, there is also a handful of memorable moments found in each song. Not necessarily memorable in the sense that you're going to get a catchy riff caught in your head (though there is a few of those here and there), but rather memorable in the sense that each song has some sort of unique noise of some kind that sticks out quite frequently. This album proves that music like this can be achieved with identifiable songs, rather than just albums of aimless insanity.

No album of this variety is ever going to be "perfect". I'd be incredibly shocked if that was the intent. It's filled with a handful of moments that make you want to strangle yourself, but once again, that's probably the intent. It's a form of music built off of unpredictability.


Written on 20.07.2011 by Former EIC. Now just a reviewer guy.


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20.07.2011 - 14:17
Account deleted
I've been meaning to check them out for a while now. By the looks of it, I should do so soon.
Nice review.
23.07.2011 - 05:08
Pyramid God
A little unfocused for my taste but it has potential. I'd probably have to have it grow on me but first impressions are hard to shake.

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