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Jack Frost - Wannadie Songs review


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Band: Jack Frost
Album: Wannadie Songs
Release date: April 2005

01. Me And Dark And You
02. Leaving The Fields
03. Forever And Never
04. Forlorn
05. The Night
06. The Wannadie Song
07. Whore: The Downfall
08. Whore: The Vengeance
+ Me And Dark And You (video)

A new Jack Frost album! I've been following the band since early releases, and to be sincere, the first albums weren't my cup of tea, but they seem to improve their style with every single release.

Is been a while since I wrote a review, mainly because of some job-related issues, and I decided to break my hiatus with this, the sixth release of Jack Frost. Why this? You might be asking yourselves, well, I could give thousands of reasons but the main point is because this album kicks so much ass that you'll be soar in your derrière after a couple of spins.

Remember last Jack Frost album? (if not, read the review, duh) they incorporated Gothic elements to their music, making it more catchy and… let's say "mass oriented" (although their music isn't supposed to be mass oriented), anyway, the album was quite good, and the next logic step for the band was to "soften" their sound a little more and become a 16-year old suicide-gothic teen sensation, but instead they went for a doomier approach than their previous opus.

Yeah! Jack Frost is Doomier, slower and deeper… and not boring! (their first releases were quite slow, but I found them a little boring).
The Austrians found the formula to be Doom again, without loosing the listener's attention, Gothic influences are almost gone, music is slow yet catchy and production is superb.

You might be deceived with the opener track "Me And dark And You" a catchy track reminder of their previous album, but don't be fooled by this song, Doom ahead! "Leaving The Fields" slows things a notch, the deep, melancholic vocals of Mournful Morales shine here. Next is a little jewel, "Forever And Ever" is a slow piece, that flows perfectly, takes it time to approach the listener, and blows you really slowly.

"Forlorn" takes you out of the catatonic state that "Forever And Never" left you in, but is only for a while until "The Night" comes in. While the title might sound absurd at first sight, "The Wannadie Song" is an absolutely marvelous song, and without doubt, my favorite of the song of the album, is so dismal and bleak, hear it, you'll like it.

Jack Frost surpassed themselves once again, what a great band, taking unexpected turns when you think you had them figured out, not a traditional Doom band that is, but without a doubt, one of the best.

Written by Undercraft | 19.07.2005


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