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Favorite bands: Woods Of Desolation, Crashdïet, Hardcore Superstar, Aaskereia, Poisonblack, Austere, Grey Waters, Forgotten Tomb, Abyssos, Empyrium, Sun Of The Sleepless, Coldworld, Angantyr, Make A Change... Kill Yourself, Crystal Viper, Enforcer, Manowar, Amon Amarth, Grim Reaper, Sentenced, Alcest, Alestorm, Sabaton, Cryonic Temple, Nyktalgia, Summoning, Saxon, Journey, Arkona, Týr, Stormwarrior, Falconer, Running Wild, Edguy, DragonForce, Mystic Prophecy, Swallow The Sun, Hromovlad, Sonata Arctica, Moonspell, Wintersun, To/Die/For, Nàttsòl, Insomnium, Logar's Diary, Cold Body Radiation, An Autumn For Crippled Children, Skid Row, Kamelot, Iced Earth, Emperor, Lyrinx, Primal Fear, Dark Tranquillity, Avantasia, Daemonarch, The Poodles, Moonsorrow, Drudkh, Armour, October Falls, Nest, Falkenbach, Dalriada, Alkonost, Runic, Steelheart, Sister, Evig Natt, Freternia, Galloglass, Grave Digger, Heljareyga, Hypocrisy, Imperial Crystalline Entombment, Krohm, Lost Horizon, Månegarm, Metalium, Zyklon-B, Deathstars, Virgin Steele, White Wizzard, Wizard, Wodensthrone, Gotthard, Svartby, Kataklysm, Bolt Thrower, Mötley Crüe, Warbringer, Toxic Holocaust, Nocturnal Breed, Kreator, Watain, Deströyer 666, Gospel Of The Horns, Def Leppard, L.A. Guns, The Devil's Blood, Ghost, Steel Panther, W.A.S.P., Desaster, Overkill, Cinderella, Axel Rudi Pell, Atoma, Swordmaster, Skull Fist, Striker, Portrait, In Solitude, Dawn (SWE), Greyswan, Puissance, Midnight, Die Hard, Sister Sin, Jess And The Ancient Ones, Mercyful Fate, Helloween, Darkthrone, Hellish Crossfire, Brocken Moon, Attic, Whiskey Ritual, Acherontas, 40 Watt Sun, Warning, Anathema, Civil War, Thy Light, Valkyrja, Katatonia, Acrimonious, Germ, Dodsferd, Caladan Brood, Speedwolf, Eye Of Solitude, Alrakis, Agalloch, Dornenreich, Mgła, Furia (POL), Klimt 1918, Saor, Autumn's Dawn, The Angelic Process, Falloch, Darkestrah, Sólstafir, Akelei, Paysage D'Hiver, Ghost Bath, Deep Mountains, Midnight Odyssey, Black Majesty, Kiske/Somerville, Grift, Paysage d'Hiver, Clouds, Divlje Jagode, Opća Opasnost, Laster
Favorite album: Ghost Bath: Funeral
Favorite song: Avantasia: Where Clock Hands Freeze
Personal text: No mp3 and digital music, only originals!
Selling a whole bunch of cds which i dont listen to anymore or bought double...

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  2010 Beer Bear - Мёд
  2000 Ambermoon - Facing the Storm [EP]
  2009 All The Cold - One year of cold
  2010 Apati - Morgondagen inställd i brist på intresse
  1995 Abysmal - The Pillorian Age
  1996 End Of Green - Infinity
  2012 Devil - Magister Mundi Xum / The Noble Savage [Compilation]
  2002 Orkrist - Reginae Mysterium
  2011 Black Veil Brides - Set The World On Fire
  2004 Ring Of Fire - Lapse Of Reality
  2009 The Prowlers - Re-Evolution
  2002 Rebellion - Shakespeare's Macbeth A Tragedy In Steel
  1999 Dyslesia - My Own Revolution
  2003 Hallowed - Forgotten People
  2000 Lullaby - Enchantress
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