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Country: Germany
Label: Prophecy Productions

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Formed in: 1994
Broke up: 2002-2010

1994-1998 Doom metal
1996-1998 Folk metal
1999- Neofolk


1994-  Ulf Theodor Schwadorf - all instruments, vocals
1994-  Thomas Helm - keyboards, vocals
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1994-2000  Andreas Bach - keyboards
1996-2000  Nadine Stock - flute, cello
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2011-  Aline Deinert - violin
2011-  Konstanz - drums
2011-  Fursy Teyssier - bass
2011-  Jochen "Eviga" Stock - guitar
2011-  Neige - guitars
2011-  Christoph Kutzer - cello

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Have you ever waited at the shore and listened to the waves rolling in? There's something predictable in the familiarity of it, as you become accustomed to the sound of the movement of the water toward you and then away again. This is The Turn Of The Tides.   Review by R'Vannith ››

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