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Favorite bands: Rush, Opeth, Lamb Of God, Porcupine Tree, In Mourning, Children Of Bodom, Orphaned Land, Dimmu Borgir, Symphony X, Kamelot, Avantasia, Ayreon, Amon Amarth, Amorphis, Alestorm, Eluveitie, 3 Inches Of Blood, Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, Wintersun, Kalmah, Rhapsody Of Fire, Parkway Drive, Abigail Williams, Winds Of Plague, Katatonia, Tool, Sirenia, As I Lay Dying, Scar Symmetry, Static-X, Into Eternity, Disturbed, Pantera, Megadeth, Metallica, Black Label Society, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Dio, Joe Satriani, Steven Wilson, Ne Obliviscaris, Dethklok, Be'lakor, Testament, Kreator, Storm Corrosion, Ouroboros, Beardfish, Between The Buried And Me, Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, Xanthochroid, Winterhorde, Moonsorrow, Alcest, Les Discrets, Protest The Hero, Agalloch, Windir, Sand Aura, Gloryhammer, Persefone, Regarde Les Hommes Tomber, Chthonic, Leprous, Caladan Brood, Summoning, Joe Stump, Deafheaven, Scale The Summit, Shade Empire, Finntroll, In Vain, Lustre, Jex Thoth, Enshine, Progenie Terrestre Pura, Pallbearer, Drudkh, Fen, Battlecross, Ghost, Animals As Leaders, Horrendous, Caligula's Horse, Soreption, Carcass, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Insomnium, Anciients, Acid Bath, SIG:AR:TYR, Umphrey's McGee, Inquisition, Nine Inch Nails, Thy Catafalque, Borknagar, Downfall Of Nur, Vader, Aquilus, Mgła, Swallow The Sun, Taake, Suffocation, Jethro Tull, Carach Angren
Favorite movies: Pulp Fiction & The Lord of the Rings
Favorite books: The Lord of the Rings & A Clockwork Orange
Personal text: Veterinarian and Metal Head

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20.01.2017 | 100% USA, Pittsburgh, PA - Alcest: Kodama North American Tour 2017
19.03.2017 | 100% USA, Pittsburgh, PA - Amorphis & Swallow The Sun : North American Tour 2017

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  2012 Devin Townsend - Epicloud
  2014 Behemoth - The Satanist
  2013 Broken Hope - Omen Of Disease
  2015 Carach Angren - This Is No Fairytale
  2006 Suffocation - Suffocation
  2014 Fallujah - The Flesh Prevails
  2014 Triptykon - Melana Chasmata
  1991 Death - Human
  1973 Jethro Tull - A Passion Play
  1977 Jethro Tull - Songs From The Wood

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