My Top 20 Albums From 2012

My favorite Albums From 2012. The List is in order. NOW WITH GENRE DISCRIPTION!

Created by: Chris Steele | 31.12.2011

1. Wintersun - Time I
[Symphonic Melodic Death/Folk Metal] Best songs: Sons Of Winter And Stars, Land Of Snow & Sorrow, Time
2. Blind Guardian - Memories Of A Time To Come
[Symphonic Power Metal] Best songs: Imaginations From The Other Side, Nightfall, And Then There Was Silence
3. Luca Turilli's Rhapsody - Ascending To Infinity
[Symphonic Power Metal] Best songs: Excalibur, Dark Fate Of Atlantis, Of Michael The Archangel And Lucifer's Fall
4. Iron Fire - Voyage Of The Damned
[Gothenburg/Power Metal] Best songs: Slaughter Of Souls, Leviathan, Verge To Collide
5. Woods Of Ypres - Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light
[Gothic Doom Metal] Best songs: Career Suicide (Is Not Real Suicide), Finality, Kiss My Ashes (Goodbye)
6. Saturnus - Saturn In Ascension
[Gothic Melodeath/Doom Metal] Best songs: The Litany Of Rain, Wind Torn, A Fathers Providence
7. Elvenking - Era
[Power/Folk Metal] Best songs: The Loser, I Am The Monster, Midnight Skies
8. Paradox - Tales Of The Weird
[Power/Thrash Metal] Best songs: Tales Of The Weird, Brutalized, Brainwashed
9. The Project Hate MCMXCIX - The Cadaverous Retaliation Agenda
[Industrial Death Metal] Best songs: I Feed You the Flesh of Your Poisonous Christ, We Watch in Silence as the Earth Turns to Blood, The Judas Agenda
10. Before The Dawn - Rise Of The Phoenix
[Melodic Death Metal] Best songs: Pitch-Black Universe, Pheonix Rising, Perfect Storm
11. Blut Aus Nord - 777 - Cosmosophy
[Atmospheric Black/Epic Industrial] Best songs: XVI, XVII, XVII
12. In The Silence - A Fair Dream Gone Mad
[Progressive Gothic Metal/Alternative Rock] Best songs: Ever Closer, Serenity, Your Reward
13. Ahab - The Giant
[Nautik Funeral Doom/Post-Metal] Best songs: Antarctica the Polymorphess, Fathoms Deep Below, The Giant
14. Dragonforce - The Power Within
[Speed/Power Metal] Best songs: Fallen World, Cry Thunder, Seasons
15. Katatonia - Dead End Kings
[Gothic Rock/Progressive Doom Metal] Best songs: The Parting, Buildings, Leech
16. Finsterforst - Rastlos
[VIking Black Metal] Best songs: Fremd, Ein Lichtschein, Flammenrausch
17. Sulphur Aeon - Swallowed By The Ocean's Tide
[Death Metal] Best songs: Incantation, Swallowed By The Oceans Tide, Beneath, Below, Beyond, Above
18. Between The Buried And Me - The Parallax II: Future Sequence
[Progressive Metalcore] Best songs: Astral Body, Lay Your Ghosts To Rest, Telos
19. Testament - Dark Roots Of Earth
[Thrash Metal] Best songs: Rise Up, Native Blood, Last Stand For Independence
20. Goatwhore - Blood For The Master
[Black/Thrash Metal] Best songs: When Steel And Bone Meet, Embodiment Of This Bitter Chaos, My Name Is Frightful Among The Believers

Disclaimer: All top lists are unofficial and do not represent the point of view of the MS Staff.
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13.02.2012 - 07:22
I liked that Hordak album, but wasn't it from last year?
13.02.2012 - 12:33
Chris Steele
Written by R'Vannith on 13.02.2012 at 07:22

I liked that Hordak album, but wasn't it from last year?

Oh it was.. My bad
24.06.2012 - 03:52
Wow you must be my long lost twin, Rhapsody AND Blind Guardian at top? where is that thumbs up button?
It wasn't long until they left their cave and wondered outside once more, amazed they realized that the world had not ended as they had fearfully believed during the night. In fact, the grass was greener, the air fresher and the sun had risen again.
24.06.2012 - 18:49
Chris Steele
Written by Hyperion on 24.06.2012 at 03:52

Wow you must be my long lost twin, Rhapsody AND Blind Guardian at top? where is that thumbs up button?

I'm very glad that you like the list! It will be updated later today

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