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Created by: qlacs | 31.10.2012

1. Kreator - BEST. SHOW. EVER.
2. Amon Amarth - Only the best songs, it was amazing.
3. Persefone - That was holy sh!t category show. They played Star Wars in their style!
4. Nevermore - Was a decent show, the extra was Attila Vörös (being hungarian) on stage doing most of the solos.
5. Korpiklaani - Awesome as always.
6. Damned Spirits' Dance - Sound was very crappy and they didn't have power to show, keyboards were playback and a guitarrist was missing... (2010 Metalfest)
7. Megazetor - Expected a lot better concert. Sounds wasn't that bad, but the singer was horrible thing to hear.
8. Nameless Crime - Never heard them before, maybe that's the reason for the huge surprise, but the singer was an epic win.
9. Nightmare - Good old-school heavy, was excellent for getting ready for all the madness.
11. Vader - It was too short, but that was way too epic.
12. Death Angel - Show was ok, no suprises unfortunately.
13. Arkona - Even though I marked Korpi as best folk on Metalfest, Arkona earned a very strong 2nd place! Presence and feeling all over the show.
14. Legion Of The Damned - Kind of boring...
15. Manticora - Very good, not to mention the Persefone guys joined the crowd and we did headbang together... :D
16. Brainstorm - Major show, the singer made us feel like a huge family lol
17. Caliban - Sound was good, but I'm not the kind of guy for them, so I went for some drink instead...
18. Eluveitie - Saw them at least 3 times (maybe I was too drunk to remember..) but except the various sound problems all shows were decent. Singer also took the majority of making good atmosphere.
19. Sadist - It was around 2 AM, we were very tired but they woke me up. Some songs were good but the last few pieces were boring.
20. Marduk - Huh, it was like screaming shit with a soar throat and hitting an empty thrashcan to the ground constantly...
21. Finntroll - Decent.
22. Road [HUN] - I've been on 3 shows so far, their sound is always astonishing, not forgetting to mention the newer songs are always better and better, but for some reason I just can't remember the lyrics...
23. Depresszió - Technically and atmospherically the show was excellent, but I couldn't get into them.
24. Superbutt - For the well known songs realy worth it, the rest was just ok.
25. Subscribe - I've loved them for about 2 years ago so much, but I cannot recall the show now and for some reason I lost interest towards their music..
26. Pokolgép - Saw them twice, always playing good old heavy metal, just in the hungarian way.
27. Vulgar Display Of Cover (Pantera tribute) - BEST SHOW EVER PT 2 - It was really like witnessing Dimebad with Phil thrashing all the way to the crowd, too bad the place was too small.
28. Scary Guyz (Metallica tribute) - Fine tribute band, but only that - nothing special.
29. Paddy and the Rats - Attended 3 times in Debrecen and once in Miskolc, their hometown - Jesus all of the shows was way to awesome. They've always find a way to entertain the people.
30. Leander - All instruments were mixing together way too much, and most of the music was sort of boring...
31. Omen [HUN] - All I remember that I woke up with an Omen pick in my pockets... :D
32. Kalapács - Best feeling when it comes to heavy metal. Józsi brings all the good stuff.
33. Amorphis - The sound was heartbeat affecting, but the music couldn't keep up the interest throughout the show.
34. Norther - Like I was listening to one song for an hour...
35. Early Morning Vision - Very good technical prog metal, these guys need recognition!!!
36. Ajna - Same as above, just instrumental way.
37. Akela - Woof! Feeling 10/10
38. Sex Action - It was quite a surprise, never thought that a generic hard rock band can act with such impression.
39. Rómeó Vérzik - Bland stuff... Went for beers.
40. Deák Bill Blues Band - HOLY JESUS that was just purely awesome! Jamming Jimi Hendrix and old blues rock songs for a bit more than an hour under a red sky and rainfall, I simply cannot forget that.
41. Blind Myself - My ears were bleeding literally after the set. And it was not fun...

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