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Blazemth - Iberian Darkness - A Tribute To Iberian Scene [VA]

Release date: 30 September 2019
Style: Black metal


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01. Intro / La Puerta De Las Oscuras Almas
02. La Puerta De La Soledad Eterna
03. Hacia El Camino De La Batalla Final
04. Himno De La Batalla Final
05. La Invocacion / Outro

06. Kingdom Of Black Emperor
07. It's Suffering Age
08. Freezing Thrones
09. Into The Palace Of Marble
10. Necromantic Ladymoon Of Light

11. Under The Carpathian Rain
12. Below The Fullmoon Damnation
13. Northern Storm (...From The Celtic Hispanic Nordlands)

14. Intro / El Monte De Las Animas
15. In The Side Of Eternal Eclipse
16. From The Iberian Winter Lands / Outro

17. Beyond The Sepulchre Of Memories
18. The Cold Embrace Of Knowledge
19. ...Secret Eyes Of Nature

Additional info
Official compilation authorized by band members.
Limited edition 500 copies.

Tracks 1-5: Argar 'La Puerta De La Soledad Eterna' demo 1996.
Tracks 6-10: Blazemth 'Seven Winds Encircle My Soul' demo 1994.
Tracks 11-13: Gothician 'Northern Storm (...From The Celtic Hispanic Nordlands)' demo 1995.
Trcaks 14-16: Uruk-Hai 'In The Side Of Eternal Eclipse' EP 2001.
Tracks 17-19: Trasgo 'The Secret Eyes Of Nature' demo 2005.

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