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Blazemth - Biography

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The band was originally formed by Ferran Molla (aka Volkhaar: ex-Daemonum, ex-Decomposed, ex-Rotten Flesh) and Javi (aka Lord Erlick: Falç, ex-Undivine, ex-Daemonum, ex-Rotten Flesh) in 1994.
During 1993 - 1994 the band was known as Daemonum recording two demos during 1994 and finally became Blazemth later in 1994.

Blazemth´s style is strongly influenced by the Scandinavian scene (specifically the Norwegian scene of the early mid-90s). In their day, they were labeled in different media as the Spanish version of Immortal / Satyricon / Emperor. And in fact his first two works is a good example of this.

Source: Discogs