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Psycroptic - Divine Council

8.2 | 106 votes |
Release date: 5 August 2022
Style: Technical death metal


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01. Rend Asunder
02. A Fool's Errand
03. This Shadowed World
04. Enslavement
05. Ashes Of Our Empire
06. The Prophet's Council
07. Awakening
08. A Fragile Existence
09. Exitus

Top 20 albums of 2022: 5

Jason Peppiatt - vocals
Joseph "Joe" Haley - guitars
David Haley - drums
Todd Stern - bass

Guest musicians
Jason Keyser - additional vocals
Amy Wiles - additional vocals

Additional info
Guitars and vocals recorded at Crawlspace Studios.
Bass recorded at Cave Bound Studio.
Drums recorded at Anubis Studios.

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Comments: 11   Visited by: 298 users
23.05.2022 - 20:09
Rating: 10

I have it and it's great
29.07.2022 - 13:28
Rating: 7
Karam Aslan

I Have it and it's awesome
06.08.2022 - 03:26
Rating: 9

Incredible album!
"Nullum unquam exstitit magnum igenium sine aliqua dementia [there was never great genius without some madness]."

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06.08.2022 - 13:20

A straightforward tech death metal beast this is. Loving the production as well.
06.08.2022 - 19:48
Rating: 8
A Nice Guy
I'm very impressed with this one, it's very well structured, and has a quality clear sound with a tight production. I'm really liking the guitarwork too, lot's of technicality and melody has gone into it, but importantly it's not overdone. I'm usually not that into technical death metal of this kind, but I must admit this one is very good, I would say they are up there with Obscura as one of the best tech death bands around right now.
07.08.2022 - 15:11
Rating: 9
High Fist Prog
Easily the best album in their discography, perhaps only second to tSotA. They took their done-to-death style (which I love anyhow) and introduced several unexpected twists. They've never sounded more fresh in the last decade or so. There's even "Enslavement", a song which experiments with major-esque keys which I don't think they've done before...and it sounded truly epic. Hats off to these guys who keep the creativity flowing even after having reinvented themselves almost halfway through their career.
08.08.2022 - 16:16
Rating: 10

This album has the coolest riffs I heard in a looong time. The tech death album I enjoyed the most since Archspire's Relentless Mutation.
08.08.2022 - 23:58
Rating: 10

Beast of an album. A total riff machine.
09.08.2022 - 08:29
Morbid Angel 13

I was introduced to them with As The Kingdom Drowns which I initially loved but got tired of after a short while. Mostly it was because of the guitar tone which started sounding really whinny.
But this is on a whole other level, though. Loving the tempo and complexity, the drums, and the guitar tone is right on the money.
09.08.2022 - 10:02
Rating: 9

Joe Haley is a guitar god.
09.08.2022 - 15:59
Rating: 6
A good reminder that I'm not a tech death fan
An album rated 6 is an album I enjoyed

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