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Contradiction - The Essence Of Anger

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Release date: 25 September 2009
Style: Thrash metal


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01. Perfect Combatants
02. The Essence Of Anger [feat. Leif Jensen]
03. Start The Action
04. The Spectator
05. Walk Of Shame
06. For The Light
07. Death Is Now
08. Life's End
09. Collateral Carnage
10. Reign Of Fear
11. Domesticated [feat. Leif Jensen]
12. Commandments

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Teutonic Thrash metal
Recorded: Blast It! Studio, Germany 2009
Label: Limited Access Records
Total Running Time: 54:15

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a practically perfect kingdom. A kingdom where Dragonslayers continuously waged battle to uphold the kingdom's only law: thrash till death. This magically vicious kingdom was encircled by a huge barley field. Only by traversing the field, the kingdom could be readily accessed. And so, as the years went by, hundreds and hundreds of followers of the thrash till death ideology walked upon those fields of barley, leaving several beaten paths. Nowadays, it's getting pretty hard to get to the kingdom of thrash without going off those beaten paths.

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