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Labyrinth - Biography




There are two kinds of Labyrinths: the one you will get lost within, and the other which takes you on a trip to the unexpected, mysterious and mystic. Welcome to the latter. Enter the gate and get surprised by a heavy guitar riff lurking behind the first corner and a progressive keyboard round at the next crossing. There is a promising melody over every hedge calling you in deeper and deeper. In the centre you will get more than you ever imagined - you'll get an ultimate Melodic Power Metal album.

Originally formed back in 1991, this outstanding Melodic Metal act from Italy has been creating consistently high-quality albums and touring all over the globe in order to promote their releases and musical message, establishing Labyrinth as one of the leading forces within the resurrected central European Metal scene. The most notorious steps in Labyrinth's career include originally signing to the Italian label Underground Symphony back in 1994 to release the "Piece Of Time" MCD and the acclaimed "No Limits" debut full-length album. Aiming for a wider audience and bigger global chances on the market, the band decided to move on to sign a new deal with Metal Blade Records for the successful follow up releases "Return To Heaven Denied", the "Timeless Crime" - MCD and the "Sons Of Thunder" album in the year 2000. In the turn of the years, Labyrinth have been spotlighting different lead vocalists (incl. Rhapsody singer Fabio Lione, a.k.a. "Joe Terry"), being fronted for some time now by Roberto Tiranti (Rob Tyrant), who adds a distinguished bombastic note to the highly-skilled symphonic, technical Power-Speed Metal anthems of the band. Labyrinth have toured with acts like Hammerfall, Primal Fear, Helloween, Iron Savior, Nocturnal Rites and appeared at major Metal festivals like Gods Of Metal, Dynamo, Wacken, Bang Your Head or also Rock Machina and they even embarked on a successful South American tour together with Vision Divine in the year 2000. After some line-up re-structuring and hard work on a new album's worth of material, the early months of 2003 saw Labyrinth signing a new contract with Century Media Records and the path now proves to be paved again for the glorious return of Labyrinth into the center of attention with their phenomenal new album, simply dubbed "Labyrinth". Recorded by Giovanni Spinotti and William Novati at Noise Factory Studio, Milano, Italy, and mastered by Jürgen Lusky at House of Audio Studio, Germany, "Labyrinth" offers ten flawlessly executed tracks of aggressively melodic Metal in its purest form and should leave none of the band's loyal fans unimpressed.

The album features heavenly ballads ("When I Will Fly Far") as well as heavy up-tempo groove tracks like "This World" where the most charming melodies are meeting progressive keyboards in perfect harmony. Already the first track "The Prophet" is a mighty Power Metal hymn promising nothing less than one hour of advanced technical skills and varied songwriting on the highest level.
Packaged in beautiful artwork by Travis Smith (Nevermore, Opeth, Jag Panzer, etc.), the new masterpiece of an album will be unleashed upon the Metal legions on June 30th, 2003 in Europe and extensive touring is expected to start out later this year to promote the new album's release. Victoriously, Labyrinth are back stronger than ever…