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Autumnblaze - Biography


Also appears on the cover of Perdition Diaries (2009)


The first time the two founding members Arisjel and Eldron discussed about a new band combining the strength of black metal with the melancholy and melody of Katatonia was sometime around 1994 when the two young death/black metal fans travelled through Sweden. It was a great and important journey with some challenging experiences the soulbrothers will never forget.

Then after two more years - Eldron played with some exciting song ideas - he asked Arisjel to form Autumnblaze. Together they rehearsed the fastest songs they ever written in their young career. Most likely this was the purest and most fulfilling time in their history - a time with unforgettable moments, for example the flush when they played "Flamedoves".

After the first demo "Dreaming moonspark fairylands" german Indie Label Prophecy Productions released the first EP "Every silent moment I weep" and the debut album "DaemmerElbenTragoedie". All that happend between 1997 and 1999.

Then the story of Autumnblaze turned into an epic drama of selfishness, self-fulling prophecies and twisting social agony. The beginning of the dark years was staged by a ridiculous accident but it was the first test of something bigger and both Eldron and Arisjel failed.

Between 2000 and 2005 Autumnblaze fell deeper and deeper and finally turned into a self-inflikted chaos with the the climax november 2005 when Eldron (Arisjel was not a member since "Mute boy Sad girl") disbanded Autumnblaze in hopeless frustration.

The deep friendship between Eldron and Arisjel was more than broken but there was a tiny little thread between the two that never was lost and so, after years of desolation and despair, they build up their soulspawn brotherhood again, step by step with patience, respect and a children's miracle.

In 2008 finally Eldron and Arisjel are back in their old strength and ready for the best Autumnblaze the world ever had.