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My band SADNESS, is maybe a part of my story and my convictions about life and about metal. In reality, I was a true fan of bands like: Celtic Frost, Venom, Bathory, Christian Death and The Cure and also the heavy metal bands like Wasp, Motley Crue, Black Sabbat and Bon Jovi, yes Bon Jovi too.
I believe that all these bands are very sentimental for the hate, the love and I like the bands with a true reality about their music, a true attitude and a very good mentality. I will respect the public with SADNESS like these bands because I believe in the fans that help me over this very long way between labels. Who chose us between all bands who always think about the money, and who release a news cd each 6 months with very stupid songs.
But it is only my opinion. With SADNESS, I realised a new thing, true, but professional. It was very important for me .

---------- STEFF TERRY ----------
1973 - I was born in Sion, a little city in Wallis in Switzerland. My life is very normal like all boys, sport (hockey), music and school. I was 10 years when in school I saw a very strange boy, always sad and alone. It was Philippe Riand (Chiva). I don't know why but him and me (Stephane Roessli), we have a good contact.

1985 - I play with all bands in Wallis as guitarist or bass-player, heavy-metal as Antartica, black metal as Alastis or Misery but in all these bands, I didn't have very much feeling so always I left the band.

A day in 1988 Chiva and 2 others musicians that play in a little band without a bandname tell me to play with them and after many spechees I was very interessed because we played a new kind of music. Also I was very interessed when I saw the look of all members between the metal and the gothic and their attitudes. I know that my place was in this band. The drumer, Gradel (Claude Lugon), a very strange guy, may be on of the more dark men of all bands in this period. He asked me if I was interessed in the name of SADNESS for the band and it was a very good name. Short and simple, and with this the name wasn't CULT. Because I play with Sadness for the cult and not for the glory or the money.

1989 - The band is born and we play all days to be the best and original possible.

We recorded our first demo, "Y", in '89 with 4 songs in a style not very interesting, but it is very succesfull in this time with 1000 copies sold. Eric, our firts vocalist and bass player left the band for Alastis and this is why I come as singer, also a very young and funny guy comes in Sadness: Andy (Andre Zuffrey).
This guy is the true best in sampler and bass. Really a beast but very funny, but we had many problems with him in the future for this reasons, but we liked him too and so he always staid in the band.

In this period we have many problems with Samael because Sadness is more and more popular and Samael hates this. In particular I have a little problem with the girls, I love the girls and the girls like me and the girls of the members of Samael love me very much too.

1989 - We record the second demo with the cult song Red Script and this is the first time that I sing. With a influance of Celtic Frost and The Cure it is new in the metal in this period. It is very succesfull (1500 copies solded and many contact).

Many lables are very interessed in Sadness but for us, we were looking for a good label for the distubution and we want to be free about our style.

Tours in Poland, Holland, France, Deutschland are very important for us and the public is very happy to see Sadness live.

1993 - First cd: Ames de Marbre. It is a real succes. Incredible!!!

After many tours in Europe, Mr. Lloyd joined the band.

1995 - A major record company, Flying Records, is very interessed in us. So, we sign for the realisation of Danteferno. Danteferno is realised with Celtic Frost and is a succes.

1997 - the Evangelion cd.

1998 - The end of sadness

We will give all our love at all fans of Sadness for all. I say one thing.

Goodbye and thanx!!!

Now STEFF TERRY is married. Gradel is author. Chiva plays a music alone and classic for him. Andy works with techno. Lloyd is married.

True names:
Steff Terry is Stephane Rössli
Chiva is Phillippe Riand
Gradel is Claude Lugon
Lloyd is Laurent Perroud
Andy is Andre Zuffrey