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Nox Aurea - Biography



Nox Aurea formed in early fall 2005, after guitarists Peter Laustsen (Rimfrost, Urginnthul) and Grim Vindkall (Domgård, Urginnthul) decided to take their friendly jam sessions a step further. They soon began writing songs together. The material was quite different from both of their earlier musical endeavors, as it was their goal to move in an unexplored direction. Thus, the dark seed of Nox Aurea was sown and the flower of death took hold.

In early 2007, Peter and Vindkall completed their line-up with the expertise of bass player Robert Persson, vocalists Patrick Kullberg and Alice Persell, and drummer Joakim Antonsson. Nox Aurea presents an abstract approach to the darker emotions of the human mind and soul and a search that extends beyond the physical world to the realm of Chaos theorists and Gnostics. For Nox Aurea life is not a gift of truth, but a curse of illusions and an offending imprisonment of the higher spirit.

Nox Aurea, in Latin "golden night", symbolizes the dark eternity of freedom and chaos. Their name, however, can also be interpreted to mean "nightly gold", reflecting the Luciferian enlightenment. In late summer 2009, Solitude Productions released Nox Aurea 's debut album Via Gnosis. The album received much praise from both fans and media alike, gaining Nox Aurea the needed international attention to move forward.

In 2010, the band signed a worldwide recording deal with Napalm Records and completed work on Ascending in Triumph.
Ascending in Triumph is the second album for the Swedish formation, which worships doom metal's majestic darkness with heart and soul. Heavy guitars and hypnotic keyboard passages meet both low-pitched growls and fragile female vocals to create overflowing doom metal symphonies impressively veiled in obscurity. The lyrical concept is Gnostic in nature and removes itself from the gothic romanticism and grandiloquence of vampire tales to achieve a truly menacing and creeping darkness.

The release is impressively rounded off by atmospheric artwork that skillfully sets the lyrical scene. Ascending in Triumph is a mature and compact album that brings the Swedes closer to the top acts within their genre.