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1997-  Grim Jonas Vindkall Almén - guitars, keyboards, vocals
2008-  Hrimner - drums, vocals
2009-2014  Heljarmadr - guitars, vocals
› 2014-  -//- backing vocals
2013-  Askr - bass
2014-  Mardröm - guitars
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1997-1999  Trollheim - vocals
1997-2000  Orm - drums
1998-2008  Ulv - drums, guitars
1999  Illbrand - vocals
2008  Mørkestøl - vocals
2008-2012  Hraegelmir - bass, vocals
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Talk about a turn-around. Domgård, coming off the "strength" of their full-length debut, I Nifelhels Skygd, have come back with a sophomore album that shows signs of improvement in virtually every category compared to its predecessor. It's not often someone such as myself defies one of Metal Storm's most sacred rules, but it has to be said: Myrkviðr is better than the band's debut.
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Black metal
Frostscald Records

Line-up on the CD:
Vindkall - vocals, guitar, synthesizer
Heljarmadr - guitar, vocals
Hraegelmir - bass, vocals
Hrimner - drums, vocals

Varg Vikernes!

Now that I have your attention... Today we'll be talking...
Review by Troy Killjoy ››

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