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1997-  Seidemann - bass
1997-2000  Ravn - drums, vocals
› 2000-  -//- vocals
1999-  Archaon - guitars
2000-  Frost - drums
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1997-1998  Lars "Balfori" Larsen - guitars
1997-2006  André Kvebek - guitars
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2006-2007  Tony Laureano - drums
› 2010  -//-
2007  Morten Bergeton Iversen - guitars
2007  Mads Gullbekkhei - drums
2008  Destructhor - guitars
2008  Tom Gabriel Fischer - vocals
2009  Secthdamon - guitars
2012-  Jon Rice - drums
2014  Sondre Drangsland - drums
2018-  Nils Fjellström - drums
2001  Destroyer - additional vocals
2008  Tom Gabriel Fischer - vocals
2009-2010  Ronni Le Tekrø - guitars

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Just when you thought the "Tunnel of Set" had reached its final conclusion, 1349 return with yet another offering of interlude-laced black metal. This time, however, the novella-like structure has been replaced by one that resembles an actual album.
Review by Troy Killjoy ››
Four years have passed and 1349 greet us with a new album, entitled Massive Cauldron Of Chaos. Although being a black metaller through and through, 1349 was never my cup of tea. When yearning for some True Norwegian, yet "not-so-special" but more straightforward black metal, I mostly put Ragnarok into my player, which I think to be quite similar to the band discussed today. However, from now on I will have to keep an eye on them, for the new album isn't bad at all.
Review by Windrider ››
As you can see in the track list, this new DVD produced by the Polish label Metal Mind is a nice compilation of the bands which performed last year at the XX edition of the famous festival of Katowice. As always with this "Metal Mania" DVD,...
Review by Jeff ››

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