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Country: Norway
Label: Season Of Mist

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Formed in: 1997

1997- Black metal


1997-  Seidemann - bass
1997-2000  Ravn - drums, vocals
› 2000-  -//- vocals
1999-  Archaon - guitars
2000-  Frost - drums
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1997-1998  Lars "Balfori" Larsen - guitars
1997-2006  André Kvebek - guitars
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2006-2007  Tony Laureano - drums
› 2010  -//-
2007  Mads Gullbekkhei - drums
2007  Morten Bergeton Iversen - guitars
2008  Tom Gabriel Fischer - vocals
2008  Destructhor - guitars
2009  Secthdamon - guitars
2012-  Jon Rice - drums
2014  Sondre Drangsland - drums
2008  Tom Gabriel Fischer - vocals

Latest reviews

Just when you thought the "Tunnel of Set" had reached its final conclusion, 1349 return with yet another offering of interlude-laced black metal. This time, however, the novella-like structure has been replaced by one that resembles an actual album.   Review by Troy Killjoy ››
Four years have passed and 1349 greet us with a new album, entitled Massive Cauldron Of Chaos. Although being a black metaller through and through, 1349 was never my cup of tea. When yearning for some True Norwegian, yet "not-so-special" but more straightforward black metal, I mostly put Ragnarok into my player, which I think to be quite similar to the band discussed today. However, from now on I will have to keep an eye on them, for the new album isn't bad at all.   Review by Windrider ››

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