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1994-2003  Dolk - drums, vocals
› 2003-  -//- vocals
2003-  Ask Ty - drums
2003-  Jon Bakker - bass
2011-  Ole Hartvigsen - guitars
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1994-2010  Thomas Andreassen - guitars
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2010-2011  Ole Hartvigsen - guitars

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Early last year Djevelmakt hammered its way out of hell and into many folks' eager eardrums, demonstrating a certain fortitude and a staying power that has withstood the test of time not as a grand testament to jaw-dropping originality, but as a killer album with obvious intentions. No matter the number of spins, the sound simply refuses to wear thin. Revisitation is easy and always reaps melodic rewards as Kampfar's latest effort never falls, never fails and never falters. Consistency is key.   Review by R'Vannith ››

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