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Novembre - Materia review


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Band: Novembre
Album: Materia
Release date: April 2006

01. Verne
02. Memoria Stoica / Vetro
03. Reason
04. Aquamarine
05. Jules
06. Geppetto
07. Comedia
08. The Promise [Arcadia/Duran Duran cover]
09. Materia
10. Croma
11. Nothijngrad

Novembre, God only knows why, is one of these bands that are totally underrated. I'm trying to understand why but I cannot find any reasons and unfortunately the band didn't find the success that its deserves. But the wheel turns soon or later and lately, they had the luck to sign with the famous English label Peaceville records and right now they're touring with Katatonia so it probably means that the wind of change is breezing again. "Materia" their last album will probably open some doors to the band and that's a good thing?

I discovered Novembre in 2001 with "Novembrine Waltz" a really good and surprising album back in time. Five years later and after one other album "Dream D'Azur" the combo from Rome, Italy, is back with a new exceptional release, full of poesy, dreams and well to sum up, beautiful music.

Novembre mix a lot of different musics. From Melodic Doom to progressive Gothic or even Death, the band, on each album, always produced a lot of beautiful songs. And this is the main particularity of the band, our guys know how to play a really good emotional music. I mean that all their albums have this little "something" that change their Death/Gothic/Doom into a real poem. That's evidently super enjoyable especially if you like the acoustic side of Opeth for example.

But let's talk about the new album now. "Materia" is probably the most mature release of the band but not their heavier muscially speaking (don't expect a lot of Death vocals on this new one). The eleven tracks with lyrics in English or Italian (this language give something more to the emotion of the different songs) are all extremely beautiful. Full of emotions, these mid-tempos songs that flirt with depressive music, are however extremely touching. On a side the music of Novembre is a bit sad but all the songs have also a really positive aspect and when I listen to this release I only get positive feelings. I could describe all the songs but it will be useless because even if the CD is definitely not linear, it's better to listen to the whole album to enjoy it. Note however (and I had the luck to verify it in Paris) that "Memoria Stoica / Vetro" or "Materia" (the song) with their charming atmospheric ambiances just sound great Live. The music of Novembre is relaxing and perfect for your home but can be also catchy and full of rhythm during the live performances.

The production is also perfect. The cover art is the work of the genius Travis Smith and I believe that it is simply one of his best projects. The sound is also pure like water so you can be sure that you will be able to listen to all the different aspects of their complex music. No problem here really?

"Materia" is a great album. I you already like the band or if you just want to discover a combo that knows how to produce jewels after jewels don't miss the CD. In the style, this is probably one of the best releases of the year so let's hope that Novembre will get now all the recognition that they deserve. Simply a must, forza Novembre?

Written by Jeff | 03.05.2006


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28.09.2007 - 22:57
Rating: 9
Dream Taster
The Enemy Within
I love this album, I can't believe nobody commented this review. Jeff you were dead on! Looking forward to hearing "The Blue" later this year.
15.04.2008 - 23:23
Rating: 6
Lone Reaper

Their most boring album...
This is only 6.5 in my judgement...
08.12.2010 - 21:43
How is it a boring album i will never know... i like it a lot, the music is really touching with good rhythm..
i would rate it a 8.8 myself
14.12.2010 - 20:01

Are these guys dead or something?
04.02.2011 - 07:28

Written by MaSTeMa on 14.12.2010 at 20:01

Are these guys dead or something?

I agree
18.03.2011 - 03:11

Written by Asunder on 04.02.2011 at 07:28

Written by MaSTeMa on 14.12.2010 at 20:01

Are these guys dead or something?

I agree

Man, that sucks.


I have to agree with the review; I found the album to be excellent.

Just bought it about a few weeks ago, and the lush sounds are absolutely captivating.
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