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Nile - In Their Darkened Shrines review

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Band: Nile
Album: In Their Darkened Shrines
Release date: 2002

01. The Blessed Dead
02. Execration Text
03. Sarcophagus
04. Kheftiu Asar Butchiu
05. Unas Slayer Of The Gods
06. Churning The Maelstrom
07. I Whisper In The Ear Of The Dead
08. Wind Of Horus
09. In Their Darkened Shrines I: Hall Of Saurian Entombment
10. In Their Darkened Shrines II: Invocation To Seditious Heresy
11. In Their Darkened Shrines III: Destruction Of The Temple Of The Enemies Of Ra
12. In Their Darkened Shrines IV: Ruins

Nile is actually a very original band, their music is a mix of Brutal Death Metal with Technical approaches, plus some melodic environments added here and there, few bands manage to make hybrids sound cool, Nile is one of those bands, now let me review one of their most popular albums, "In Their Darkened Shrines"

The music surrounding the album is magnificent and polished, this guys have a lot of talent that's for sure, the songs are structured and balanced, let's take Sarcophagus for example, this particular track gives the album a nice "Medium tempo" feeling, this track is actually slower than the other tracks but in a very good way, the riffing is not Brutal for sure, but the song flows nicely and it manages to be not boring, the drumming is very good, not complex but hell it's catchy; generally speaking this track proves that Nile has many more things to offer than just rapid beats and impossible to understand growls.

The concept towards this album is good, the last four tracks are attached to each other (check the track-list, you'll understand what I mean), those songs are actually good but it gets really annoying sometimes to hear very similar riffing in more than 3 songs, don't get me wrong those four tracks are amazing as hell and the riffing is not the same over and over again (just similar); the songwriting, as you may see by all those concepts surrounding the album, is almost perfect, the band took care of every detail from the lyrics to the artwork etc..., even the music has some Egyptian passages here and there (just hear the fifth track in the 5:26 minute and you'll see what I mean), so one more time we can realize this guys are more than the average Death Metal band.

I actually like this album a lot, and I will play it very often I think, but I declare myself not a Nile fan, of course I can understand why so many metal-heads worship this band, you can find everything in their albums, from brutal stuff to rhythmic beats, melodic parts and catchy riffs all over the album, so I do not despise the band but I do not worship it either, anyway, I have to face it...Nile is a very good band after all.

Written by Herzebeth | 29.07.2005

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What more can be said of Nile that hasn't been said already? They have the distinction of being one of the most creative, most original, most consistent, and most technically accomplished death metal bands to emerge in the past twenty years. Also, I think that they may be second only to Opeth in terms of how well they combine brutality with an epic, atmospheric feel. And In Their Darkened Shrines is, in my opinion, the band at their absolute best.

published 28.07.2011 | Comments (8)


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01.08.2006 - 22:18
Rating: 8
Mr. Noise
I love this album, my favorite Nile one. I'd give it a 9.5, my favorite track being 'Unas, Slayer Of Gods'.
SLUDGE. DOOM. DEATH. Wait, what?

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01.08.2006 - 22:32
Rating: 9
It's a good one. Love the review, you made some good points. I'd give a 9 myself though.
01.08.2006 - 22:36
Rating: 9
Lactation Cnslt
This is also my favorite Nile album. There are many song progressions and changes throughout this album, which maintains my interest the best. :0
18.09.2006 - 12:24
Account deleted
my all time favorite DM album!!! words can't describe how much i love this album. I WORSHIP THIS ALBUM!!! hell, i'd make love to it if i could....

highlights: Kheftiu Asar Butchiu, Unas Slayer Of The Gods, ITDS, and
The Blessed Dead (greatest dm song ever!)
02.02.2007 - 13:04
The Aryaputra
Yes I agree with others, one of my favourite albums! (for the review
that which shines without names and forms...
04.02.2007 - 09:44
Rating: 10
Xtreme Jax
Favourite Nile album so far. Their song structures are incredible which is a big thing on this alum that keeps everything interesting. Excellent album, very worthy of a 9 in my eyes.

Hellcunt Smurf
04.02.2007 - 17:46
Rating: 8

I second that, great album, has my favorite songs from NIle.
05.02.2007 - 03:56
Account deleted
I third that.

Herzebeth wrote: 'the drumming is very good, not complex'.

Are we listening to the same album? Not complex!? Listen to The Blessed Dead and tell me that again. The drumming makes me epoleptic trying to mimic-drum its complexity. Plus it has possibly the greatest epic death metal track of all time on it: Unas The Slayer Of The Gods.
23.08.2008 - 15:01
Rating: 8
Seeker of Truth
Good review. After reading the first paragraph, I realized I should check this album. I was hesitating before...
Well, overall it's just a good album. But the really memorable part of it is the self-titled four-piece. Very inspiring I must say.
Savor what you feel and what you see
Things that may not seem important now
But may be tomorrow

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Satan was a Backstreet Boy
20.09.2008 - 19:47
Liver Failure
absolute masterpiece!!! Best album from Nile and one the best in metal scene!! All songs are amazing, Unas slayer of the Gods the best one, represents what Nile is: Epic on death metal 10/10

member of the true crusade against old school heavy metal, early 80s thrash, NWOBHM, traditional doom, first and second wave black metal, old school death metal, US power metal, 70s prog rock and atmospheric doomsludgestoner. o/
12.06.2009 - 22:32

Nile is such an awesome band, and this cd proves why. Amazing piece of music by Nile every song is fuckin awesome. 10/10!!!!!!
R.I.P. "Dimebag" Darrell Abott
Drink a "blacktooth" for Dimebag
23.07.2009 - 00:56
Heaven Knight
I would say masterpiece too...i was never too much into death metal, but this album has great atmosphere and it is great to listen
My rest seems now calm and deep
Finally I got my dead man sleep

22.03.2010 - 16:58
Rating: 8
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
I like churning the mealstrom good song!
14:22 - Marcel Hubregtse
I do your mum
23.08.2011 - 04:09
Account deleted
Masterpiece. Good review. And the drumming IS technical actually.
31.01.2021 - 05:31
Rating: 9

Very good review, nile is one of the few bands that combine very well brutal death metal with an ancient egyptian atmosphere.

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