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Metallica Albums: Best To Worst (Includes Garage Inc. And Lulu)

I know this list has been done to death everywhere, but I might as well throw my own thoughts out on this as well. I'll provide my reasons for my opinion as well, as some of the positions may be controversial.

Created by: Nemo Atkins | 02.11.2011

1. Metallica - Ride the Lightning
An atmosphere so thick you could cut it with a knife helps to make this album my favorite by Metallica. Every song manages to hold you in place, with only one song feeling slightly weak ("Escape"). Even this song still manages to encourage you to listen and the atmosphere makes the song really work despite the slight weakness.
2. Metallica - Master of Puppets
Only beaten by Ride The Lightning because it lacks the atmosphere the predecessor had, Master of Puppets is still worth every inch of the classic status it has been given. With no filler and songs that you'll be humming for a long time, it is definitely the strongest release by Metallica.
3. Metallica - Kill 'Em All
The garage atmosphere of this album is the only real complaint against it and that is something which was unavoidable considering how it was recorded. With many great tracks and impressive performances throughout, you can really see the bare bones that led to Metallica's later landmark albums.
4. Metallica - ...And Justice For All
With many impressive songs, it is fair to say that this is really where Metallica proved that they could be progressive if they wanted. However, the progressive element of the album occasionally leads to songs that have ideas don't seem to go anywhere and basically become songs for songs sake. However, even this doesn't prevent it from being a great album and a very fitting tribute to Cliff Burton.
5. Metallica - Metallica
A good album with several great songs, it is hampered by a few filler songs which reduce the impact of the album and by production that is slightly too clean for what you'd expect from 80's Metallica, although it is certainly their last good album until Death Magnetic. Listen closely to the opening of "The God That Failed" and you'll spot where Metallica went for their next release.
6. Metallica - Death Magnetic
Metallica's real return to the realm of metal, this is a good album, but the major problem is that the songs are far too long and have many pointless moments that really damage the songs (for example, the second half of "The Day That Never Comes" feels like a jam session, not an actual part of the song), not to mention mixing that is pretty bad and production that results in an album that is far too loud to appreciate any subtlety. Still, the songs are good enough that you'd be forgiven for thinking it a follow up to the self-titled.
7. Metallica - Garage Inc.
Very much a mixed bag of an album. On the one hand, some of the covers are fantastic and deserve to be performed live a lot more ("Die, Die My Darling" is a particularly good example). On the other hand, quite a few covers are so forgettable that you'll forget about them the moment they finish ("Free Speech For The Dumb" is pretty dull, although I haven't heard the original to be sure it isn't just the song).
8. Metallica - Re-Load
There are a few good songs on this, such as "Fuel", but, generally, expecting anything of this album will almost certainly lead to disappointment (unless you're expecting it to sound like Load). If you don't like Load, don't expect to like this at all.
9. Metallica - Load
This album is very different from the first five albums, which makes it hard to associate this with those releases. It has a few good songs on it ("King Nothing" is probably the strongest song on the album), but it is not a great album. This is more for the casual metal fan (one who listens to other genres) than the metal purists, as is Re-Load.
10. Metallica - St. Anger
With only one good song ("Frantic") and a few interesting ideas, this is easily Metallica's worst studio album. It is generally a good idea to avoid this album and only listen to it if you want to form your own opinion of it as opposed to sticking to everyone else's opinion.
11. Metallica - Lulu
Expecting anything of this album, even if you are a fan of experimental genres, is a bad idea. Ignoring the obvious problem that Metallica and Lou Reed are not a combination that looks good on paper, the album is basically dull and a challenge to get through from the start. Even the fact that it isn't intended to be viewed as a Metallica release doesn't save it from being something that should not have been released. Only pick up if you are prepared to acknowledge that it will almost certainly begin gathering dust within the week.

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08.06.2013 - 22:21

I like your views of the albums. I think the album with the best lyrics is ...And Justice For All

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