The Gathering - Mandylion

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Release date: 28 August 1995
Style: Atmospheric gothic metal


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Disc I
01. Strange Machines
02. Eléanor
03. In Motion #1
04. Leaves
05. Fear The Sea
06. Mandylion
07. Sand And Mercury
08. In Motion #2

Disc II [2005 Re-release Bonus]
01. In Motion #1 [Beaufort Studio demo, June 1994]
02. Mandylion [Beaufort Studio demo, June 1994]
03. Solar Glider [Beaufort Studio demo, June 1994]
04. Eléanor [Tilburg, Double Noise Studio demo, early 1995]
05. In Motion #2 [Tilburg, Double Noise Studio demo, early 1995]
06. Third Chance [Tilburg, Double Noise Studio demo, early 1995]
07. Fear The Sea [Tilburg, Double Noise Studio demo, early 1995]

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Top 200 albums of all time: 61

Anneke Van Giersbergen - vocals
René Rutten - guitars, flute
Jelmer Wiersma - guitar
Frank Boeijen - keyboards
Hugo Prinsen Geerligs - bass
Hans Rutten - drums

Additional info
Recorded and mixed June 1st - June 16th 1995 at Woodhouse Studios, Hagen, Germany.
Engineered by Siggi Bemm and Waldemar Sorychta.
Mastered at DMS.
Produced by Siggi Bemm, Waldemar Sorychta, and The Gathering.

Guest review by
There were rough times for the Gathering somewhere before 1994. The contract with Foundation 2000 was slight and some of the members left the Gathering due to the lack of co-operation and the shady results from the label. These were really dark times, and there was nowhere else to go, but back to the better days. And the better days came. Came in the form of Anneke van Giersbergen and her angelic voice that was perfect for the experimental atmospheric style The Gathering was producing these days (and what they are doing till now). Besides that they got a new contract with a German label - Century Media. And in 1995 the album 'Mandylion' was released.

published 05.03.2004 | Comments (9)

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29.06.2015 - 18:42
Rating: 9
If I remember right, then this is the album where I fell in love with Anneke Van Giersbergen as a vocalist-and more importantly, The Gathering. It hasn't changed since. In fact, "Leaves" was the introduction to the band for me and so inevitable I checked out Mandylion, and I'm sure many others have gone the same way. As for the album itself, I've determined over the years that the best thing about Mandylion is that the instrumental arrangements are just as prominent and useful as Anneke's vocal delivery. The songwriting here is, for the most part immaculate. "Strange Machines", both parts of "In Motion" and "Sand and Mercury" are all elegant, powerful and emotional in the right ways. A couple of songs are consdierably weaker in my opinion ("Eleanor" and "Fear the Sea"), but aren't so enough to drag the overall experience down. If one song really stands out to me from Mandylion, it has to be the title track. That's simply the cream of the crop, which uses the flute to the fullest advantage I think.

I guess what I'm really saying here is, I love this album.
29.11.2020 - 22:43
Rating: 9
Last comment being five years old.... we should remember this immensely unique piece of art -- spinning right now.
A gem, a classic for me it has ever been. ...but of what precisely?
I've always found it hard to put the genre tag here. Some sort of Gothic maybe, but then again not really.
Damn, I can still remember, back at the time, this stuff was so ... mind-blowing in its originality.
While being nothing I would spin once a week nowadays, it still serves for bringing back a lot of memories right now.

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