Legenda Aurea - Ellipsis

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Release date: 6 March 2009
Style: Symphonic power metal, Symphonic progressive metal


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01. Reflections
02. The Root
03. Parasomnia
04. F44.8
05. Discouraged
06. Abscondence Part I
07. Superbia
08. Outbreak
09. Abscondence Part II
10. Purgatory
11. Resurrection

Guest review by
Cal Wolvington
Swiss symphonic metal band Legenda Aurea achieved a higher level of songwriting on their first album than most bands in the genre ever will and Sedna remains one of the most impressive debuts I have heard. With their second album Ellipsis they have finally achieved the professionalism and production values to match their undeniable songwriting talent. Ellipsis is bigger, heavier and more ambitious than Sedna, but is it also better? Despite the huge forward leap in the quality of the production, the answer is both yes and no.

published 30.05.2012 | Comments (2)

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