Theocracy - As The World Bleeds

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Release date: 21 November 2011
Style: Progressive power metal


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01. I Am
02. The Master Storyteller
03. Nailed
04. Hide In The Fairytale
05. The Gift Of Music
06. 30 Pieces Of Silver
07. Drown
08. Altar To The Unknown God
09. Light Of The World
10. As the World Bleeds

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November 21: North America, iTunes Store and Amazon MP3
November 25: Europe

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13.10.2011 - 04:29

Posts: 23
From: USA
Four minutes of a YouTube trailer, and this CD will be mandatory for any metal collection.
27.11.2011 - 03:37
Rating: 10

Posts: 154
From: Singapore

Total awesome here! I Am is an epic of 11 minutes and a must hear.
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30.11.2011 - 02:44
Rating: 7
Au Pays Natal

Posts: 4419
From: USA

If I remember I wasn't that impressed with Mirror of Souls. I'll have to check this out...
01.12.2011 - 08:33
Rating: 10

Posts: 234
From: USA

The Gift of Music=:what:
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04.12.2011 - 01:08

Posts: 405

Heard YT trailer, absoulutely nothing special - apart from vocals, maybe. Keyboard symphonies sound like they were made in '94. Gonna pass on this.
04.12.2011 - 05:12
Rating: 9

Posts: 47
From: Puerto Rico
Written by SyndicCalls404 on 13.10.2011 at 04:29

Four minutes of a YouTube trailer, and this CD will be mandatory for any metal collection.

I KNOW RIGHT???, i was really surprised how this band made #1, honestly i go more direct to non-american bands but after listening on YOUTUBE i was really surprised, + it's being a long time since i heard something like this, ... but i just had to had them FAST
07.12.2011 - 09:37
Rating: 7

Posts: 100
From: France

Starts nicely but grows to be quite annoying after a few songs.
07.12.2011 - 16:46
Koen Smits

Posts: 1291
From: Belgium

Sorry but I think this album is already very overrated.
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Written by Bad English on 05.04.2014 at 15:05

but spoil thius film is like spoil porn and say porn ends whit cum shot ...
07.12.2011 - 19:28
Account deleted
Hmm. The first couple of songs didn't hold my attention enough and soon I was switching to other albums... twice, actually. Unimpressed by the two songs I've heard.

EDIT: Actually, past the first couple of songs, it's pretty good.
09.12.2011 - 07:18
Rating: 8

Posts: 399
From: Canada
Good album, I like their power-prog thing, they generate some new ideas that haven't been done to death.

Although "I Am" is permanently ruined for me unless I can keep myself from thinking "The Table!" after he sings "I am..."
09.01.2012 - 05:30
Rating: 10

Posts: 714
From: Costa Rica
This one has become in myself part of my personal top-ten of all my life
23.01.2014 - 11:31
Account deleted
The only wrong thing with this album is that they start of with the best song on the album
23.01.2014 - 19:26
Rating: 8
Metal slave

Posts: 1463
From: USA

My least favorite Theocracy release... Prolly cause it's less riffy. Still great though!

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