Drawers - All Is One

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Release date: October 2011
Style: Sludge metal, Stoner metal


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01. Caput Mortuum Ocean
02. Grey Sailor
03. Black Queen
04. Ivory Lighthouse
05. Blue Keel
06. Silver Hand
07. Purple Ride
08. Red Ballet
09. Electric Seat
10. Golden Adieu
11. Muddy Smoke
12. Azurite Constellation

Staff review by
Unless there is some obscure definition of Drawers of which I am unaware, they have one of the more odd choices for a band name. In addition to the place where you keep your socks and underwear, drawers is also a slang term for underwear.

Origin musings and vocab lesson aside, Drawers are another of those posty-sludge bands coming from the Solitude Productions family of sub-labels. Despite all the colorful song names, the music is generally murky - in a dark, foreboding way. It is also perhaps inconsistent.

published 16.03.2012 | Comments (2)

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