Release date: March 2012
Style: Melodic black metal, Symphonic black metal


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01. Solve Et Coagula
02. Escape To Nowhere
03. Beyond The Mist Of Time
04. Deathbringer
05. Aeons Of Deception
06. The Bargain Struck
07. The Age Of Thought
08. Nirnaeth Arnoediad (Unnumbered Tears)
09. ...And I Shall Be Reborn
10. The Blackest Of The Paths

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Staff review by
Troy Killjoy

Gothmog's symphonic brand of black metal, a la Dimmu Borgir and Carach Angren, is quite stale at this point in history. I mean it's 2012, and a large portion of melodic/symphonic black metal bands are either dying out or moving on from the trend. Not these guys though... and I suppose that's okay.

published 15.04.2012 | Comments (11)

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