Fleshgod Apocalypse - King

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Release date: 5 February 2016
Style: Symphonic death metal


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Disc I
01. Marche Royale
02. In Aeternum
03. Healing Through War
04. The Fool
05. Cold As Perfection
06. Mitra
07. Paramour (Die Leidenschaft Bringt Leiden)
08. And The Vulture Beholds
09. Gravity
10. A Million Deaths
11. Syphilis
12. King

Disc II] [digipak bonus] [orchestral version]
01. Marche Royale
02. In Aeternum
03. Healing Through War
04. The Fool
05. Cold As Perfection
06. Mitra
07. And The Vulture Beholds
08. Gravity
09. A Million Deaths
10. Syphilis

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Francesco Ferrini - piano, orchestration
Cristiano Trionfera - guitars, vocals
Tommaso Riccardi - vocals, guitars
Francesco Paoli - drums, guitars, vocals
Paolo Rossi - bass, vocals

Additional musicians:
Veronica Bordacchini - vocals
Nate Kantner - voice

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Italians and beauty are worth checking out.

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11.02.2018 - 15:11
"The Quaker"
Man they are having a tough time deciding on the mix. These are just my opinions, useful/experienced criticism is welcome.

- Agony had a strong foundation with everything mixed to pierce through (basically like Mafia), but somehow they had to deal with the addition of orchestra, hence compromises had to be made and often the guitars took the shortest straw and got buried between the vocals, symphony and drums.
- Labyrinth seemingly tried hard to find the balance with a wall of sound from the get-go but everything kinda lost its high-end edge, drum are not so piercing anymore, instead that range was transferred to the guitars, and the orchestra is not always well emphasized, they fight a lot with the guitars for focus.
- While I still only listened only a fraction of times to King as I had to its predecessors, it seems they have continued on the path Labyrinth had taken. The death metal foundation is back in the focus, symphony is more in the background (both mix and composition-wise), but they lost the higher ranges. It's kind a bummer, talking about not having high frequency ranges to symphonic music...

I still like Agony's mix the most, due to the immense energy it has. Screw balance.

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