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Country: Norway
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

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Formed in: 1990
Broke up: 2003-2006

1990-1991 Death metal
1991- Black metal


1990-1997  Demonaz Doom Occulta - guitars
› 1997-  -//- lyrics
› 2016-  -//- guitars, vocals
1996-  Horgh - drums
2006-  Apollyon - bass
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1990-1991  Jørn Inge Tunsberg - guitars
1990-1992  Armagedda - drums
1990-1999  Abbath Doom Occulta - bass, vocals
› 1999-2015  -//- vocals, guitars
1992  Kolgrim - drums
1999-2002  Iscariah - bass
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1993-1994  Grim - drums
1995  Hellhammer - drums
1998  Ares - bass
2002-2003  Saroth - bass

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Immortal have risen from the white ashes to reclaim their throne as kings of black metal. Not many bands have been as important to a genre of music than Immortal have been to black metal over the years. Now the band are back with their first album in...   Review by Baz Anderson ››
A new album from Immortal, and as we could thougthfully wait, a new step in their evolution. No matter to talk about the production, as a matter of fact the Abyss Studios (and Peter Tagtarten) are the best recording studios now, and the collaboration...   Review by ››

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