1988-  Paul Tucker - guitars, vocals
1992-  Bill Davidson - bass
2002-  Jim Strauss - drums
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1988-1990  Michael Smith - vocals
1988-1990  Bill Smiley - drums
1988-1990  David Smith - bass
1994-1995  Jim Baker - drums
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Spawned into evil about three decades ago, Sathanas are one of the oldest U.S. blackened death/thrash cults, but don't feel ashamed if you had no clue of their existence; this reviewer ignored them too up until very recently. Their 10th full-length album, Necrohymns, is the banger that might just earn them some deserved recognition.   Review by nikarg ››
Sathanas is potentially a really old band, and that's actually very strange because not many people know that name, the good thing though is these musicians keep doing what they used to do 17 years ago, Old School Death metal.

What's the catch?...   Review by Herzebeth ››

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