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Country: United Kingdom

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Formed in: 2005
Hiatus: 2014-

2005- Symphonic progressive metal
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2005-  Julie Kiss - vocals
2005-  Tom MacLean - guitar
2008-  Mark Harrington - bass
2008-  Richard Henshall - keyboards
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2005-2006  Akos Pirisi - drums
2005-2007  Hugo Sheppard - keyboards
2005-2008  Lee Barrett - bass
2008-2013  Paul Westwood - drums
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2012  Marcela Bovio - violin

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To-Mera is a bit like a blacksmith's puzzle. It's a challenge to untangle, and it's even a bigger challenge to put it back together. It also appears to have many solutions. It's like a jigsaw that fits together in more ways than one. Exile is a musical puzzle that needs solving in parallel in different dimensions. It appears straightforward, and therefore bland. Turns out, that's just a smokescreen.   Review by Ivor ››

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