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Also known as Kathaaria (1994-1997)

Country: Australia
Label: Displeased Records
Links: Myspace

Formed in: 1994

1997- Ambient black metal


1994-  Sin Nanna - all instruments, vocals
2009  Scott Conner - keyboards, vocals


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I can't believe I've made it to the end of this useless piece of rotten excrement. If I hadn't already heard the name of this one-man-band, I could have thought this is a parody, but unfortunately it is not. It wouldn't have been very...   Review by Deadsoulman ››
Striborg is a one man band (like so many others out there) that plays Raw Black Metal in the vein of Darkthrone and the likes but with the addition of ambient elements. The brain of this project is Sin Nanna, and judging by his pictures he must be a really...   Review by Herzebeth ››


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