Madder Mortem

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Country: Norway
Label: Dark Essence Records

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Formed in: 1993

1993- Avantgarde metal
1993- Gothic metal
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1993-  Agnete M. Kirkevaag - vocals
1993-  BP M. Kirkevaag - guitars
1999-  Mads Solås - drums
2003-  Tormod Langøien Moseng - bass
2014-  Richard Wikstrand - guitars
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1993-1997  Rita Kristiansen - drums
1993-1999  Boye Nyberg - bass
1993-1999  Christian Ruud - guitars
1997-1999  Sigurd Nielsen - drums
1999-2003  Pål Mozart Bjørke - bass
1999-2003  Eirik Ulvo - guitars
2003-2010  Odd Eivind Ebbesen - guitars
2010-2013  Patrick Scantlebury - guitars
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2005  Patrick Scantlebury - guitar

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Nowadays, it's hard to find original bands… but if you're looking for champion, I mean THE real champion, Madder Mortem is here for you! Please just tell which other band is able to mix Metal with Jazz with a fantastic female singer… No really...   Review by Jeff ››
You know, it's not really easy to write a review about Madder Mortem. First this band is totally original and it's clearly impossible to do any comparisons with some others bands (this is evidently a good point) but also they're really...   Review by Jeff ››

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