Agnostic Front

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Country: USA
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

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Formed in: 1982
Broke up: 1993-1996

1982- Hardcore
1982- Punk
1986-1998 Crossover thrash metal
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1982-  Roger Miret - vocals
1982-  Vincent "Stigma" Cappucchio - guitar
2001-  Mike Gallo - bass
2009-  Pokey Mo - drums
2014-  Craig Silverman - guitars
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1982-1984  Todd Youth - guitars
1983-1985  Dave Jones - drums
1984-1986  Rob Kabula - bass
› 1998-2001  -//-
2009-2014  Joseph James - guitars
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2010  Dave Jones - drums


Latest reviews

Agnostic Front are back and they're pissed. The American Dream Died and the New York hardcore crew are here to spread the word with a veritable kitchen sink of aggressive heavy music centred on hardcore traditions they helped pioneer over thirty years ago.   Review by deadone ››
Agnostic Front have been around the block a few times, "Warriors" is album number nine from this band that started in the first half of the eighties. For anyone still unaware of Agnostic Front, they are a hardcore band, or a crossover thrash...   Review by Baz Anderson ››
One of the most prominent albums that helped plant the flag for NYHC in the 80's, Agnostic Front's debut LP Victim In Pain is not so much a trailblazer as a searing inferno that will melt your face should you even get close to it, leaving only a path of scorched earth in its wake.   Review by omne metallum ››

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