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Agnostic Front

Country: USA
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

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Formed in: 1982
Broke up: 1993-1996

1982- Hardcore
1982- Punk
1986-1998 Crossover thrash metal


1982-  Roger Miret - vocals
1982-  Vincent "Stigma" Cappucchio - guitar
2001-  Mike Gallo - bass
2009-  Pokey Mo - drums
2014-  Craig Silverman - guitars
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1982-1984  Todd Youth - guitars
1983-1985  Dave Jones - drums
1984-1986  Rob Kabula - bass
› 1998-2001  -//-
2009-2014  Joseph James - guitars
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2010  Dave Jones - drums


Latest reviews

Agnostic Front are back and they're pissed. The American Dream Died and the New York hardcore crew are here to spread the word with a veritable kitchen sink of aggressive heavy music centred on hardcore traditions they helped pioneer over thirty years ago.   Review by deadone ››
Agnostic Front have been around the block a few times, "Warriors" is album number nine from this band that started in the first half of the eighties. For anyone still unaware of Agnostic Front, they are a hardcore band, or a crossover thrash...   Review by Baz Anderson ››

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