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Also known as Crysys ('08-'11)

Country: Spain
Label: Listenable Records

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Formed in: 2008

2008- Thrash metal


2008-  Javi Carrión - drums
2008-  Marc Torras - bass
2008-  Marc "Busi" Busqué - guitars
2008-  Albert Reguena - guitars
2008-  Julián Baz - vocals

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I remember when Crisix released their first album - part of me says I remember when they were still known as Crysys, but I could be lying to myself, for all I know - and at the time I was blown away by the supercharged energy they delivered with every riff. They fell off my radar for a while, but coming back to catch up with them on Against The Odds, I'm very happy to hear that Crisix have only continued to turn the volume up since The Menace.   Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››

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