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Also known as Betrayer (1991-1993)

Country: Austria
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

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Formed in: 1991

1991- Black metal
1991- Death metal


1991-  Helmuth "Hel" Lehner - guitars, vocals
2006-  Serpenth - bass
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1991-1993  Maxx - bass, vocals
1991-1993  Chris - drums
1991-2007  Sigurd Hagenauer - guitars
1996-2002  Mario "Marius" Klausner - bass
2002-2006  Bartholomäus "Barth" Resch - bass
2008-2009  Morluch - guitars
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1997-2002  Man Gandler - drums
2003-2008  Florian Klein - drums
2009  Tomasz Janiszewski - drums
1993-1996  A-X - bass
2005-2006  Tomasz Janiszewski - drums
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2006  Blastphemer - drums
2006  Robin Eaglestone - bass
2007  Lille Gruber - drums
2007  Florian Klein - drums
2007  Tony Laureano - drums
2007-2009  Robert "Robi" Kovačič - drums
2009-2015  Martin "Marthyn" Jovanović - drums
2010-2011  Bernd "Bernth" Brodträger - guitars
2011  Oli Beaudoin - drums
2012  Bartholomäus "Barth" Resch - vocals
2014-2015  Sascha - guitars, backing vocals
2015-  Blood Hammer - drums
2014  Glen Benton - vocals
2014  Attila Gábor Csihar - vocals

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Have you ever tried to start an epic slow-clap moment in a room full of people, hoping it'll catch on and break into some massive applause, but instead end up standing there like a total dope, beating your hands together in an otherwise totally silent crowd? That's how every Belphegor fan feels when they release something even slightly better than Walpurgis Rites...and so it continues with Conjuring The Dead.   Review by Doc Godin ››
Damn, I thought Belphegor's career was dead for sure. For a little insight into how important this album is to this band, let's take a quick look at this bands past releases: Lucifer Incestus & Goatreich-Fleshcult are arguably their strongest,...   Review by Doc Godin ››
Belphegor have been around a while and with Walpurgis Rites - Hexenwahn are presenting album number eight. In recent years the band have shown themselves to be a solid black metal act, but not a band to take seriously at all. Who can forget the cover...   Review by Baz Anderson ››

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