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Country: USA
Label: SharpTone Records

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Formed in: 2003

2003- Metalcore
2003-2007 Deathcore
2009 Nu metal


2003-  Frankie Palmeri - vocals
2016-  Josh Travis - guitars
2016-  Phil Lockett - bass
2016-  Josh Miller - drums
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2003-2009  Ben Lionetti - guitar
2003-2009  Joe Lionetti - drums
2003-2015  Mark Davis - bass
2003-2015  Jesse Ketive - guitar
2009-2011  Mike "Harvey" Kaabe - drums
2009-2015  Mike Mulholland - guitars
2012-2014  Mark Castillo - drums
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2014  Adam Pierce - drums

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Tasteless, edgy, vapid, infantile, vulgar, boorish, rapaciously stupid, self-pitying, self-absorbed, monotonous, worthless, sneeringly ill-tempered, aimlessly scurrilous, saturated with inflated machismo, as classless as a Communist utopia, and more filth-ridden than the muck-encrusted underside of an Upton Sinclair novel. Actual trash.   Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››

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