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Bring Me The Horizon

125 fans
Also known as BMTH

Country: United Kingdom
Labels: RCA
Columbia Records

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Formed in: 2004

2004- Metalcore
2004-2007 Deathcore
2010- Post-hardcore


2004-  Oliver Sykes - vocals
2004-  Lee Malia - guitars
2004-  Matt Kean - bass
2004-  Matthew Nicholls - drums
2012-  Jordan Fish - keyboards, programming
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2004-2009  Curtis Ward - guitars
2009-2013  Jona Weinhofen - guitars
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2009  Dean Rowbotham - guitars
2011  Dan Searle - drums

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Everybody, let's give a round of applause.

Bring Me The Horizon has made an album that DOESN'T suck.. No, no they have not. It seems after a few releases of some sub-par material and general band dumbassery, Bring Me The Horizon have managed...   Review by Boxcar Willy ››

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