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Country: USA
Label: Metal Blade Records

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Formed in: 2010

2010- Doom metal


2010-2011  The Wizard - bass, guitars, vocals
› 2011-2013  -//- guitars, vocals
› 2013-2017  -//- bass, guitars, vocals
2011-2013  Count Elric The Soothsayer - bass
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2014-  Brad Richardson - bass

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...And now for something totally not different...At all. A lot of people have a hard time digging doom metal, that's fair, it's not for everyone. The lack of speed and ferocious intensity contradicts many of the reasons people love metal. Then there's bands like this. Good lord, you must really have to be a pretty huge doom metal purest to find this anything but an unremarkable bore-fest.   Review by Doc G. ››

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