NA-  Lars Åhlund - guitars, keyboards
2004-  Martin Lopez - drums
2010-  Joel Ekelöf - vocals
2014-  Stefan Stenberg - bass
2018-  Cody Ford - guitars
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2004-NA  Kim Platbarzdis - guitars
2010-2013  Steve DiGiorgio - bass
2015-2018  Marcus Jidell - guitars
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It's a shame what Tool have become; a band no longer able to fulfil a promise. Taking up the reigns are Soen, who are certain to fulfil their own promises when Cognitive comes to Tellurian.   Review by R'Vannith ››
What do you do with a Tool? For sake of metaphor let's be more specific; what does one do with, say, a wrench? Well you fasten things with it, make sure all those nuts and bolts are surely fixed in position. And what's the purpose of this? Obviously to make whatever these nuts and bolts are a part of work at an optimal and functional state. The debut collaborative effort of supergroup Soen is something which does just that.   Review by R'Vannith ››

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