Syn Ze Șase Tri

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Also known as Syn Ze Sase Tri

Country: Romania
Label: Code666 Records

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Formed in: 2007

2007- Symphonic black metal


2007-  Corb - guitars, vocals
2007-  Hultan - bass
2016-  Florin Gheorghita - drums
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2007-2011  Spin - guitars
2007-2011  Strigoi (I) - drums
2007-2011  Vlad Toma - keyboards
2011-2016  Lycan - vocals
2012-2016  Putrid - drums
2012-2016  Urmuz - guitars
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If there was ever a piece of album art which reflected the content perfectly, it's Syn Ze Sase Tri's Sub Semnul Lupului. From a distant glance, it's really cool. Very epic, rich colours and lots of detail. After closer inspection, you start to see the poor computer generated graphics and the incongruous depth & lighting.   Review by Doc G. ››

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