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Also known as Echoes Of Perdition (2007)

Country: Italy
Label: BadMoodMan Music

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Formed in: 2007

2007- Psychedelic doom metal


2007-  Paolo Copeta - drums
2007-  Mauro Ragnoli - guitars
2007-  Simone Mutolo - keyboards, piano
2008-  Simone Saccheri - guitars
2010-  Agostino Bellini - bass
2015-  Antonio Cantarin - vocals
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2008-2009  Nicholas Ferrari - bass
2009-2010  Daniele Tiboni - bass
2010  Anna Guglielmini - bass
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2010  Michele Bertelli - bass
2011  Greg Chandler - guitars, vocals

Latest reviews

(EchO) do not employ an orthodox approach to their take on the whole doom thing, opting instead to toss the whole (metal) kitchen sink into the album creation process.

Devoid Of Illusions is partially based in the same death doom formula we are all familiar...   Review by BitterCOld ››

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